Registrar: September Is ‘Voter Registration Month’


September has been designated Voter Registration Month, with Tuesday September 26 as Voter Registration Day. The Registrars of Voters encourage all current and potential voters to review their status as to current address and other related voter information. Anyone wishing to register or update their address or other information may do so by mail or in person with either the Registrars of Voters or with the Town Clerk, both located in Town Hall. Anyone wishing to register, or to check their current information on-line, may do so at , or by calling the Registrars at 203-594-3060.

It is important that residents correct their voting status in advance of the November 7, 2017 election. Anyone who has moved out of New Canaan must notify the New Canaan Registrar’s office and register in their new town if they wish to vote. The voter registration deadline by mail, in person, or on line for the November election is Tuesday October 31, 2017. Special voter making sessions will be held Saturday, October 28, and Tuesday evening October 31, 2017.

Municipal Offices included on the ballot: First Selectman, Selectmen, Town Clerk, Town Treasurer, Board of Education, Board of Assessment Appeals, Town Council, and Constable. Voting will be 6am until 8pm, with District 1 voting in the High School, and Districts 2 & 3 at Saxe Middle School. For Absentee Ballot information, contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 203-594-3070.

New Canaan currently has 13,552 voters, or 6,426 Republicans, 2,859 Democrats, 4,128 unaffiliated, and 139 other voters. So far this year, using a service that accesses the Post Office Change of Address System, the Registrars have mailed out over 680 notices to voters who either moved out of New Canaan (288), moved into town (259), or moved within town (168); all of whom failed to notify us of these changes. In addition, the Registrars also use the DMV, the CT. voter registration and information service, and the inter-town notification system to maintain the voter file.

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