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Letter: Mallozzi-Williams Have Worked Hard To Preserve New Canaan’s Character

I wish to express my support for both Rob and Nick for the upcoming Republican caucus in July. I have known both of them for many years (Rob, as far back as our UVM days) and I cannot think of two other individuals who better represent all that my family cherishes and values in New Canaan. Whether it be in their previous volunteering efforts in support of treasured New Canaan institutions, their work on various town committees and boards or their involvement with our sports and recreation programs, they have worked tirelessly to ensure that our town retains the character and qualities that attracted us to it almost 25 years ago. New Canaan is a better place thanks to Rob and Nick and I cannot imagine a more experienced team leading this town. Please come out and vote at the Republican Caucus at New Canaan High School on July 18th. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: New Canaan Democrat Liz Donovan Announces Candidacy for Town Council

New Canaan is my hometown. Fortunate enough to be born and raised here, I went off to college at Princeton after graduating from NCHS in 1977, and spent the next few decades in New Jersey. There I raised my family of adopted and foster children and held various volunteer positions in my Princeton class and the Boy Scouts, all while working full time and managing a family equestrian operation for 20 years. Yet during that time I was still connected here through my family—I am the youngest daughter of Harvard Five architect Landis Gores, who settled here in 1947 with my mother Pam and four siblings. I returned to New Canaan full-time in 2014 with my husband, Professor Craig Donovan, to live with my mom in my childhood home, the first house my father designed, now on the National Historic Registry. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: New Canaan Republican Penny Young Seeks to Retain Town Council Seat

Community service is an integral part of my DNA, so as the municipal election season got underway, it was a natural decision for me to ask the voters to re-elect me to the Town Council. As I look at the issues facing the town today, some have had a long shelf life and really need to either be birthed or dismissed. Others are new and require deep research and creative thinking to get them out of the starting gate and on their way to approvals. Over my tenure on the Town Council I’ve dealt with a range of issues; it is this deep and broad experience and institutional knowledge that will be valuable in establishing a framework within which to germinate solutions to today’s challenges. My husband, Bob, and I are longtime members of New Canaan. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Vote Mallozzi-Williams Team at July 18 Republican Caucus

My wife and I moved to New Canaan 30 years ago. We raised our two boys, made many friends and rolled up our sleeves to volunteer in community activities. Personally, I have been on the Republican Town Committee (five years as chairman), Town Council (10 years), Fire Commission and currently Police Commission. I have a pretty good idea of how this town runs, what has worked and what has not. I have assisted a number of first selectmen and selectmen over the years and while we didn’t always agree on every course of action, we debated, respected each other, took a vote and moved forward. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Christa Kenin Has the Right Work Ethic, Temperament for Selectman

I am writing in support of the candidacy of Christa Kenin for selectman. Christa is a very bright and energetic person who really gets things done. She has garnered great praise as a talented, dynamic, and hard-working member of Town Council. I was pleased to have significant first-hand experience with her ability when the Charter Revision Commission presented its draft report to the Town Council for their consideration. As a Town Council member, Christa really took her responsibility very seriously, dug into the whole report, and did a lot of high-quality homework of her own, reviewing our proposals and challenging our conclusions. Continue Reading →

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