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Mallozzi ‘Considering All Options’ after Narrow Loss at Republican Caucus

First Selectman Rob Mallozzi said Wednesday that he is “considering all options” with respect to a fourth term as New Canaan’s highest elected official. Town Council member Kevin Moynihan’s 10-vote margin of victory—612 votes 602—at Tuesday’s Republican caucus has given the three-term incumbent pause as he weighs whether it’s best for him and the community to watch this election season from the sidelines or push forward with a campaign in some form, Mallozzi said. Asked about his plans, Mallozzi said he’s received a “barrage of phone calls, emails and messages” from residents who support him and that he “absolutely will not ignore” their calls for him to consider a run. “It’s five swing votes and that is not enough to say immediately what I am doing,” Mallozzi said. The first selectman said he greeted municipal employees as they made their way into Town Hall on Wednesday morning, reassuring them that he is “still fully into this role.”

“I am not sitting at home today weeping,” Mallozzi said. Continue Reading →

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Letter: ‘Thank You’ to Rob Mallozzi and ‘Congratulations’ to Kevin Moynihan

Thank you for your service, Rob Mallozzi. Congratulations on your victory, Kevin Moynihan. You are two of the leaders that make our town a great place to live and work. Well done to both men. Looking back, I am grateful for Rob Mallozzi’s dedicated service to the Town of New Canaan. Continue Reading →

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Republicans Back Moynihan, Williams at Caucus; Butterworth, Engel, Townsend and Young for Town Council [UPDATED]

New Canaan Republicans by a 10-vote margin on Tuesday backed Kevin Moynihan for the town’s highest elected office, voting 612-602 in favor of the Town Council member with incumbent First Selectman Rob Mallozzi coming in second at the party’s caucus, while voting for a mix of established and new candidates in down-ballot races. Here’s a table breaking down the results of the caucus, held at New Canaan High School (story continues below):


Selectman Nick Williams, a three-term incumbent, won party backing over challenger Christa Kenin, elected two years ago to the Town Council. And among Republicans vying for seats on the Town Council, the top-four vote-getters were incumbents John Engel and Penny Young, as well as two newcomers to elected office, Tom Butterworth and Rich Townsend, who garnered more votes than anyone. Asked about the prospect of a primary in September, given the close margin, Mallozzi said: “I am going to sit back and think about things. The 10-vote swing is not a big swing, so clearly there is a lot of support for both candidates in town. Continue Reading →

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Republican Candidates for Town Council Face Off in Second Debate

Republican candidates for Town Council offered their views on on some of the town’s most controversial planning and zoning applications during the Republican Town Committee’s second candidates’ debate held at Town Hall Wednesday. Currently there are six Republican candidates for Town Council: Roy Abramowitz, Tom Butterworth, Mike Mauro, Rich Townsend and incumbents Penny Young and John Engel. They are jockeying for seats opening up on the Town Council this fall and thus are seeking party backing. When asked for his opinion on the Planning & Zoning Commission’s recent approval of the Merritt Village redevelopment downtown, Engel, who missed the first RTC debate in June, said, “Real estate is what I do—and I have a deep understanding of the Merritt Village project.”

“Number one, I respect the process,” he said of the recent approval. “We heard earlier that the Town Council doesn’t get involved in what P&Z should do—just like the first selectmen doesn’t tell them what to do—and I don’t think we should have a thumb on the scale with P&Z. Continue Reading →

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Election 2017: At Selectman Debate, Kenin and Williams Say They Won’t Force A Primary

Republican candidates for selectman Christa Kenin and Nick Williams said during a debate on Wednesday they would not force a primary in the fall municipal election should they fail to win the nomination during the Republican caucus on July 18. This is in contrast to two of the three Republican candidates for first selectman, Cristina Ross and Kevin Moynihan, who earlier in the evening indicated that it is possible they will choose to primary, should they fail to get on the party ticket. Both said it would depend on the outcome of the vote in the caucus. When asked if he would support his opponent in the fall election if he is not endorsed, Williams, a three-term incumbent, said during the Republican Town Committee debate, “Yes, I support Republicans.” “And although it’s not my race, I’m a little shocked to hear that at least two of the candidates running for first selectman saying they won’t respect this process and that they’ll primary,” he said during the debate, held at Town Hall and moderated by Michael Dinan of NewCanaanite.com and Greg Reilly of the New Canaan Advertiser. Continue Reading →

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