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NewCanaanite.com Endorsements for Town Council

Seven candidates—four Republicans and three Democrats—are vying for six Town Council seats that are up for election on Tuesday. For reasons listed below, I am endorsing three Republicans—John Engel, Rich Townsend and Tom Butterworth—and three Democrats—Sven Englund, Colm Dobbyn and Liz Donovan. Two candidates, incumbents Engel and Englund, most clearly have earned re-election to the legislative body. Engel is an insightful, articulate councilman who brings a singular perspective as a lifelong resident, community volunteer, open space advocate, parent and Realtor. His also is a common-sense voice in a body that can be derailed by overreach and politicking. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

Chef Luis Lopez, known locally for his eponymous restaurant on Elm Street, has been seen cooking in the open kitchen at Spiga on Main. ***

After school Wednesday, a man was seen trying to enter cars in a New Canaan High School parking lot, according to a communication from NCHS Principal Bill Egan. “We do not believe he was successful, nor do we anticipate his return,” Egan said in an email. “However, please make sure you lock your cars on campus. I would keep them locked before and after school. Continue Reading →

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Election 2017: New Canaan Sees Sharp Rise in Absentee Ballots Amid Contested Races

The town since Oct. 6 has received 252 absentee ballots from New Canaan electors, officials said Wednesday—far more than had been executed in any of the last three local elections. In 2011, 2013 and 2015, the town executed 125, 185 and 178 absentee ballots, respectively, according to Town Clerk Claudia Weber. Those seeking absentee ballots must apply for them at the Town Clerk’s office. So far, a total of 340 absentee ballots already have been issued for this election, according to Weber. “We will easily go over 300 [executed absentee ballots],” she told NewCanaanite.com. Continue Reading →

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First Selectman Candidate Kit Devereaux’s Campaign Outspends Opponent’s in October

The campaign for the Democratic candidate for first selectman raised more money through individual contributions and outspent its Republican counterpart during the month of October, according to newly filed financial disclosure statements. Kit Devereaux’s campaign raised $4,030 through 27 individual contributions and spent $8,489.29 in October, according to the disclosure statements, filed Tuesday with the New Canaan Town Clerk. The campaign for Republican first selectman candidate Kevin Moynihan raised $3,950 through nine individual contributions and spent $4,713.21 in the same period, the data says. The balances as of Nov. 1 for the Devereaux and Moynihan campaigns are $2,960.58 and $5,253.66, respectively. Continue Reading →

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Letter: First Selectman Candidate Kevin Moynihan Has ‘Vision, Integrity, Experience and Tenacity’

In my 38 years as a New Canaan resident, I cannot remember a time when we have had a better qualified candidate for First Selectman than Kevin Moynihan. His experience as a corporate attorney and his active involvement on the Town Council and in many civic organizations create a great background to lead our town

In these times with our state in dismal financial straits, we need more than ever a strong First Selectman to protect New Canaan’s interests in every possible way. With our local problems of inadequate cellular service and the needs for more commuter parking, natural gas and affordable senior housing, Kevin has already studied the issues, thinking “inside and outside the box.” He is informed and ready to work with others in town government to get solutions to the issues. With his vision, integrity, experience and tenacity, Kevin Moynihan will be a “doer”—which is just what New Canaan needs. Jane Campbell

New Canaan Continue Reading →

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