Letter: Moynihan-Williams Team ‘Brings Numerous Accomplishments’

As we kick off Election 2019 I couldn’t be more pleased to support Kevin Moynihan for First Selectman and Nick Williams for Selectman. They are strong, dedicated and forward-thinking leaders who have served New Canaan with extraordinary focus on the issues facing our community. This team brings numerous accomplishments, with overarching concerns for preservation of our historic past, and ensuring a bright, sustainable future. Waveny Park field/trails/gardens are being rejuvenated through the public-private partnership with the Waveny Park Conservancy; Waveny house is receiving needed repairs and soon will be ADA accessible for people of all abilities. Solar energy has been brought to several town-owned buildings and schools; natural gas has arrived in Town; both projects have brought significant savings to our budgets.

Letter: ‘Thank You’ To New Canaan Voters

To the editor:

Yesterday’s voter turnout showed energized involvement in the issues facing our town. I thank the voters who took time from their busy lives and braved the elements to participate and express their preferences. The election results bring new and renewed energy to the town government and Board of Education. I am pleased and honored to continue representing you on the Town Council where I will continue to be an ardent defender of responsible school and town budgets and everything which keeps our town healthy, strong, and vibrant. There are a lot of issues which need immediate attention and considerable strategic thought in planning for our future.

Op-Ed: New Canaan Republican Penny Young Seeks to Retain Town Council Seat

Community service is an integral part of my DNA, so as the municipal election season got underway, it was a natural decision for me to ask the voters to re-elect me to the Town Council. As I look at the issues facing the town today, some have had a long shelf life and really need to either be birthed or dismissed. Others are new and require deep research and creative thinking to get them out of the starting gate and on their way to approvals. Over my tenure on the Town Council I’ve dealt with a range of issues; it is this deep and broad experience and institutional knowledge that will be valuable in establishing a framework within which to germinate solutions to today’s challenges. My husband, Bob, and I are longtime members of New Canaan.