Stalking, Harassment Charges for 29-Year-Old Man


Police on Friday night arrested a 29-year-old Newtown man and charged him with third-degree stalking, second-degree harassment and disorderly conduct. 

At about 8:50 p.m. on Nov. 15, officers received a complaint regarding a domestic dispute that had occurred earlier in the day, according to a police report.

Police obtained a statement from the victim during an investigation, and then asked the man to come to headquarters to discuss what had happened, the report said.

At HQ, police charged him with the misdemeanor offenses.

It isn’t clear whether or how the man is related to the victim or what happened—police withheld details, classifying the matter as domestic. 

Under state law, a person is guilty of third-degree stalking when he or she “recklessly causes another person to reasonably fear for his or her physical safety, or suffer emotional distress.”

The man was released on $1,000 bond and scheduled to appear Monday in state Superior Court in Norwalk.

2 thoughts on “Stalking, Harassment Charges for 29-Year-Old Man

  1. I really wish that you would publish names of men who are arrested for crimes such as harassment and stalking. I am reading a new book called “Nobody’s Victim” by Carey Goldberg which speaks of the ways such criminals, who are usually men, can derail and even ruin the lives of their victims. If names were published, there would be a record of the infraction so that, in the future, anyone thinking of entering a relationship with said stalker could do a Google search and be warned.
    I believe it also serves no purpose to report drunk driving violations without publishing the names of the drivers. What if it is someone who carpools with other parents? In any case, the drunk driver needs help that can’t be offered if no one knows his or her identity.

  2. Ruin someone’s life based upon an arrest, not a conviction? You trust the police to always arrest guilty people? No worries about due process and the rule of law? It must be nice to be so naive, if not actually ignorant and dangerous

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