Q&A: ‘New Canaan Artisans’ Seeks New Members

One of the town’s best-established nonprofit organizations, the New Canaan Artisans—here on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest—is seeking new members as it gears up for a June 4 sale that benefits local charities. We connected with member Barbara Faris to get more information on the group. 

What follows is our exchange (those interested in learning more can visit the New Canaan Artisans website or email the organization at newcanaanartisans@gmail.com): 

New Canaanite: Please give us some background on the New Canaan Artisans group. When was it formed and under what circumstances? Barbara Faris: In 1931 a small group of women gathered together to sew layettes, nightgowns and clothing for families under the care of the Visiting Nurses Association. By the mid ‘30s they branched out into other creations, and made things such as hand knits, needlepoint, aprons, bed jackets, et cetera.