Rebuilt Library To Feature Modern Architecture, New Parking

A rebuilt New Canaan Library could feature modern architecture in a space that’s more flexible, parking that’s carved into the slope at Maple and Main Streets and preserve a traditional look for an area dedicated to events and meeting spaces, officials said Tuesday. A major piece of the planned new facility will include a design that can incorporate emerging technologies, Board of Trustees President Christian Le Bris said during an interview just after the library’s annual meeting. “That part of the library could be fairly modern-looking and track into the [mid-century] modern architecture idea that is around New Canaan,” Le Bris said after the meeting, held in the Adrian Lamb Room. “There are a lot of well-known buildings in town, so it would be tapping into that kind of idea.”

The comments come as the board—now that it has an idea how much money it reasonably can expect to raise for a new facility—works on a timetable for the widely anticipated project’s fundraising campaign. “Barring a derailment of some kind, at some point we need to have some schematics, drawings and designs that we can share with the town,” Le Bris said.