Thank You: Letter to the Editor

Dear Mike,

Chris and I would like to thank you for posting my lupus story last spring. The positive exposure helped us to raise $7,400 for the Lupus Foundation of America to help find a cure. We greatly appreciated your assistance in our endeavors. It provided an exceptional forum for us to obtain extra contributions for such a great charity. Since you posted the article, people have become more aware of lupus, reached out to me personally and this year we are off to a great start and have been able to raise $1,535 for the Lupus Foundation of America.

Did You Hear … ?

Exciting news: We’re hearing that New Canaan’s defunct Outback Teen Center is being renamed ‘The Hub’ by the re-formed board charged with developing new uses for the structure behind Town Hall. Word is, the board is looking at a mix of human services, as well as wellness and possibly food providers to generate revenue at the disused building. New info: New Canaanite Bob Albus, head of the board, told us a program for special needs adults in town will run in the lower level of The Hub on weekdays, and that other activities could include after-school tutoring and mentoring and babysitting for parents who are shopping or dining downtown, and notable local agencies such as Getabout and Staying Put In New Canaan are part of the conversation. “We want to touch virtually every life in town from infants to seniors and really have an expansive program that addresses what are some unmet needs in town,” Albus told An online fundraising campaign is underway here—designed both to secure some “start-up” money for The Hub and to engage the community, Albus said.

Letter: A Walk to End Lupus on This Long, Bumpy Road

It’s been a long, bumpy road to realizing that I have lupus. It all started with a sun rash that appeared after spending a week at the beach in the early 1990s. My dermatologist said I had sun poisoning. That seemed unusual, as I have spent many years at the beach before without any issues. At my next visit to the dermatologist, I was diagnosed and treated for rosacea, and received antibiotics and cream to treat this.