NCHS Grad Claire Ayoub’s New Film ‘Empire Waist’ Notches Festival Wins [Q&A]

Claire Ayoub’s film, “Empire Waist,” recently won “Best Empowerment Film” and “Best Social Impact Film” at the Sedona International Film Festival. It will be screened by 600 students as part of the Annapolis Film Festival’s Education Day this week, and there’s a public screening Saturday as part of that festival. And this just in: It’s also been accepted to the Dallas International Film Festival and Coney Island Film Festival. 

We talked to Ayoub—a New Canaan High School graduate known to many locals for her hysterical and moving solo show, “The Gynokid,” which she performed last year as a fundraiser for the Town Players of New Canaan’s home, the Powerhouse Theatre—about “Empire Waist,” her performing arts background in town and the early reception of the film. Here’s our exchange. ***

New Canaanite: Many people, including me, enjoyed your solo show “The Gynokid.”