Podcast: Exchange Club of New Canaan President George Benington

This week on 0684-Radi0, our free podcast (subscribe here in the iTunes Store), we talk to Exchange Club of New Canaan President George Benington about the service organization and its annual Christmas Tree and Wreath Sale. An important fundraiser benefitting local charities, it will run a little differentpodcly this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a link to the school district’s continuously updated COVID-19 operations guide. And here are recent episodes of 0684-Radi0:

Not-So-Youthful Sports Roundup: Recidivists Prevail 20-15 in Annual ‘Rich-Mich’ Softball Game

—submitted by Keith Richey

The 20th Annual Rich-Mich Softball Game was held at St. Luke’s School on Sunday, September 24th. Playing for the Michno Marauders were Roger Bolton, Jim Cullinane, Landon Hafen, Jim Petrus, Luke Tashjian, Kevin Wilder, Charlie Woodman and captain Tim Michno. For the Richey Recidivists were George Benington, Doug Dooley, John Fulkerson, Rick Kilbride, James O’Hora, Chas Timberlake, David Woodman and captain Keith Richey. This once a year men’s softball game has become a New Canaan tradition.

Softball Tradition: Michno Marauders Top Richey Recidivists 11-8 in Annual Game in New Canaan

We received the fun write-up below on the 17th Annual “Rich-Mich Softball Game”—a summary noting specifically that, despite plenty of action, it was an “injury-free contest.”

Started about 20 years ago (they’ve skipped a year here and there due to rain) as a matchup between the local Exchange and Rotary clubs, the game today features friends of New Canaan’s Keith Richey (an Exchange Club member) and Tim Michno, who is not a member. Though Rotary stopped participating in the matchup, the game itself continued with Richey and Michno leading the way (hence the team names you see below). “We play once a year, no one plays during the year, we practice a few minutes before the game and then we play,” Richey told NewCanaanite.com in responding to some of our questions about the game’s history. Teams are picked randomly from among the longtime group of friends. Here’s the write-up, team photo above:

The 17th Annual Rich-Mich Softball Game was held at St.