New Canaan Dog Owners: Protect Their Paws

By Michael Dinan

Most of us wisely are staying off New Canaan roads Thursday, as a wet, heavy snow turns to sleet (and then snow again), and roads feel more like Mill Pond than Main Street. What awaits us are slush and ice. What awaits our dogs is a painful, dangerous landscape of rock salt.

As Shirleen Dubuque, owner of Village Critter Outfitter on Cherry Street—yes, she’s open Thursday, until about 2 or 3 p.m.—says in a recent blog entry, booties for your pal’s paws are a primary source of protection. Paw wax, from Village Critter Outfitter in New Canaan, helps protect dogs who walk on rock salt following winter storms. Credit: Shirleen Dubuque

“A dog will lick to clean his paws, as well as ingest the chemicals found in the salt and sand,” Dubuque says. “The booties will offer paw and digestive protection.”