Biz on Biz: The Candy Scoop Brings Italian Ices Back to New Canaan

The Summer Internship Program is sponsored by Baskin-Robbins, Connecticut Sandwich Co., Joe’s Pizza and Mackenzie’s. On a recent afternoon, we poked our head into New Canaan Music for another edition of our Biz on Biz feature, where we ask one local merchant to pick a personal favorite item or service at another shop. This time we talked with store owner Phil Williams to hear what items or services in town caught New Canaan Music’s eye. As it turned out, it was the chilling Italian ices at their neighbor’s shop, The Candy Scoop, that yielded the most praise. “We like the Italian ices over at Candy Scoop because they’re great and our students love them—there’s nothing better after a music lesson than an Italian ice,” Mr. Williams said.