Parking Commission Voids $30 Ticket Issued for Loading Zone Violation on Elm Street 

Members of the Parking Commission at their most recent meeting voided a $30 ticket issued to a local business owner who had parked in a loading zone on Elm Street. Pam Alberino of New Canaan Ski & Sport told the Commission during an appeal hearing last month that she was using the loading zone properly at the time she received the ticket—a characterization that is at odds with the head of the Parking Bureau. “I was unloading my truck and putting stuff into my truck because there is no places for me to load and my back parking lot was also filled,” Alberino said during gate Feb. 7 hearing, held via videoconference. “So I had to walk and unload it and when I came back out to put some stuff in the car, I had a ticket and it was like 9:59 or 9:58.

Did You Hear … ?

New Canaan Police at about 4:25 p.m. Monday received a report of a larceny at 16 South Ave., according to a call log. That’s the street address of the Mobil gas station. Asked about the incident, police said it involves a juvenile and is being worked out between the business owner and family. 


A Stamford-based company, Case Study Brands, on Thursday presented a plan for Waveny House to the Board of Selectmen during a regular meeting. The company provided a broad sketch whereby Waveny gets a “luxury brand reflective of both its heritage and crown jewel positioning with the community,” with a new website and promotional materials, larger events and a staff “house director” whose responsibilities would include “concierge services.” The current online information for Waveny House lives in the Recreation Department’s area of the municipal website and “doesn’t feel glamorous” for what a bride is looking for,” officials from the company said. “It’s a little bit lacking in the glamour” compared to competitors such as the Roger Sherman Inn and Philip Johnson Glass House, they said.

Town Upholds $150 Ticket for Woman Who Parked in Disabled Space

Town officials this month upheld a $150 ticket issued to a Norwalk woman who’d parked in a disabled space on Main Street on a Tuesday morning in May. Kim Scavo told members of the Parking Commission during her July 8 appeal hearing that she was confused because the disabled space outside the New Canaan Fire Department is designated by a sign affixed to a nearby railing, not a curbside post. The blue paint on the street that normally indicates a disabled space also isn’t visible as it is for other such parking spots in town, she told the Commission during the hearing, held via videoconference. “I don’t feel it’s clearly marked and I did not do it intentionally at all and I just don’t understand and I don’t think it’s fair,” Scavo said. The commissioners said the space was clearly marked by the sign and that any motorist pulling into the spot should have noticed it.