Waveny LifeCare Network Buys Oenoke Ridge Property for $1.5 Million

One year after withdrawing its application to build a senior housing complex on Oenoke Ridge, Waveny LifeCare Network last week purchased a residential property there for $1.5 million. 

Waveny officials had said in the months leading up to applying in October 2019 to build a 70-unit residential retirement building that its purchase of the .88-acre property at 65 Oenoke Ridge was under contract pending approval for its project by the Planning & Zoning Commission. 

Ultimately, following several widely followed hearings before P&Z, the organization on March 18, 2020 withdrew its application, citing its focus on the emerging COVID-19 pandemic. On Friday, Waveny purchased the parcel, which includes a 1929-built Colonial, from the New Canaan Museum and Historical Society, tax records show. The acquisition “is purely a prudent business decision,” according to a press release issued by Waveny on Monday on behalf of the organization. “This parcel effectively ensures a contiguous connection of important real estate that protects and improves the sustainability of Waveny’s future,” it said. Russ Barksdale, Jr., Waveny’s president and CEO, said in the press release, “Exercising the purchase option now gives us time to evaluate all of our options through an inclusive process to which we remain committed.”

A letter dated Friday and attributed to Barksdale as well as Kathleen Corbet and Leo Karl III—chair and vice chair Waveny’s Board of Directors, respectively—says, in part, “Although there are no specific plans for the property at this time, exercising the purchase option gives Waveny time to evaluate all options.”

It adds, “As you may know, St.

Did You Hear … ?

Catherine Palmer, the 48-year-old Butler Lane woman arrested by warrant Sunday on felony animal cruelty charges following a months-long investigation, had been sued in housing court this summer as the landlord of two Greenwich properties, according to Connecticut Judicial Branch records. In July, a tenant paying $900 per month to rent a room in a Prospect Drive home filed a Verified Lockout Complaint and Application for Temporary Injunction against Palmer after visiting family in Florida, saying that upon his return some of his possessions remained in the house and that his personal papers and passport were missing. The subject of a New Canaan neighbor’s complaint two summers ago regarding her renting out the “South of the Y” house to transient tenants, Palmer—who is out on $10,000 bond—was scheduled to appear this week in a related civil matter after the town petitioned state Superior Court for ownership of 12 dogs (including 10 puppies) seized from the home. The next hearing in that matter is scheduled for Tuesday. The case has resurfaced some people’s concerns regarding the condition of the building at the town dump that police use as an animal shelter. 


Congratulations to New Canaan Rotary Club member Leo Karl III on earning an honorary Paul Harris Fellow award from the service organization for his “extraordinary leadership in successfully reinventing Lobsterfest 2020 during the COVID era.” The citation in a press release said, “In so doing, he ensured that the club will meet its annual goal to provide necessary support to local non-profits serving those in our community.” The Paul Harris award recognizes a Rotarian’s devotion to the organization’s goals.

Local Business and COVID-19: Karl Chevrolet

What follows are responses from Leo Karl III, president of Karl Chevrolet, for our Q&A on how the local business is navigating the COVID-19 emergency in New Canaan. New Canaanite: What has the past week been like for you and Karl Chevrolet? Leo Karl III: Like all of us, each day has brought new information and adjustments. We have been preparing and making plans for a couple of weeks, so we feel our team has been very pro-active in dealing with the COVID-19 Coronavirus health threat. We want to do our part to be good stewards of our community’s health and well-being, while delivering needed services to our clients as seamlessly as possible. That includes adapting several new business initiatives.

Podcast: Christmas Eve Caroling at God’s Acre

This week on 0684-Radi0, our free weekly podcast (subscribe here in the iTunes Store), we talk to Leo Karl III, one member of a group that formed a year ago to ensure that one of New Canaan’s beloved annual traditions—Christmas Eve caroling at God’s Acre—continues. As we’ve reported, the group is seeking to raise $100,000 toward a flagstone terrace at the top of God’s Acre that will serve, in part, as a place where the Town Band can set up for the caroling—a major recurring expense. Here’s a link to donate to the cause, and checks can be mailed to: Founders’ Terrace at God’s Acre, c/o New Canaan Community Foundation, 111 Cherry Street, New Canaan, CT  06840. The next $10,000 donated through Dec. 31 will be matched dollar-for-dollar, and the first donors of at least $500 will receive a custom-made, numbered and signed print of God’s Acre at Christmas. 

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