One thought on “‘It’s the Right Thing To Do’: Local Businesses Urge or Require Employees To Get Vaccinated

  1. Do you think this is the proper way to attract talent to Bankwell? There is legitimate national backlash towards getting the covid vaccine. Have you seen the labor issues with resignations across many different professional fields because of similar mandates? National Guard driving busses, additional stress on an already strained supply chain, hospital staff shortages, police and fire department pushback and threats of widespread resignations? It’s not an anti vax issue, it’s related to having insufficient long term data. As it is, the CDC and FDA reconvene seemingly every month to discuss yet another side effect from each of the vaccines. Why would senior members of the FDA resign over booster shots if there was “nothing to worry about”. The message should be unequivocal with room for intellectual debate rather than fear of not conforming to, what is deemed, the socially popular stance. You hinted at it in the article but allow me to make your point a little less vague on which part of the population might be hesitant. It is discriminatory towards the African-American population as they, rightfully so based on history, are skeptical. Is this the firm’s stance?
    Last but not least, what does the economic corporate strain from labor shortages and increased wages (which is phenomenal when organic, less so when the private sector competes with government handouts and government vaccine mandates that further diminishes the labor force) do for businesses? It will inevitably lead to smaller corporate margins and an increase in unemployment for your loan portfolio. Sometimes it’s best to critically think. Why unnecessarily insert yourself into such a globally divided issue.

    Please understand, as a member of this community we love our businesses that operate here. As a community I think we all make sure shopping and doing business with companies in our town is paramount. Why invite this unnecessarily?

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