Wine Shop ‘The Red Grape’ Moving into New Space at Forest and Locust

The Red Grape, a wine and spirits shop that’s been located for more than a decade on Burtis Avenue, is moving into a new commercial space downtown. The business is getting ready to move into a “brand new state-of-the-art” space at 42 Forest St., owner Ravi Punjabi told 

The street-level retail space is part of the townhouse mixed-use development on the corner of Forest Street and Locust Avenue. 

Punjabi through a limited liability company purchased the new retail space last month. It wasn’t immediately clear when The Red Grape would make the move. Asked about it, Punjabi said only that “more exciting news” will follow in two weeks. During the Jan.

Cigar and Tobacco Shop Opens on South Avenue

A new tobacco shop opened last Friday in downtown New Canaan. Sam Mustafa, owner of L&A Cigars and Tobacco, said he got the idea for the New Canaan location when he went out to dinner in town with friends and having a hard time finding a place to buy a cigar afterwards. “Maybe this town needs a cigar shop,” Mustafa recalled thinking. The owner of two existing tobacco shops, including one in New Fairfield, he applied to the town in the fall and received approval from the Planning & Zoning Commission in December after some deliberations. The bright, clean space at 13 South Ave.

The Year in Review: Five Standout New Canaan Foods of 2021

One remarkable thing about our community is that, with very few exceptions, we made it through two years of a global pandemic without seeing any of our beloved restaurants close. You can attribute that to the hard work of restaurant and food service teams, as well as the dogged generosity of our town’s restaurant patrons. In my case, I was often just completely unwilling to make my own lunch in the middle of a long workday, or too lazy at night to cook. Either way, in appreciation of a restaurant scene we’re incredibly lucky to have, here are five dishes I kept going back for this past year. 1. Greens on the Go’s Butternut Squash Toast

As a society, we don’t talk enough about the magic of Unidentified Crunchy Things and why they need official designation as a food group.