‘Your CBD Store’ To Open in Downtown New Canaan 

A seller of cannabidiol or ‘CBD’-based products is planning to open this summer in one of downtown New Canaan’s most visible retail spaces. The shop, Your CBD Store New Canaan, is schedule to open July 1 at Elm Street and South Avenue, according to owner Anthony Pisano. 

The store at 48 Elm St. will sell beauty creams and other skin care items, water solubles, gummies, topical creams and a pet line, Pisano said. “We will be educating everyone that comes in the door about CBD and how beneficial it is to them and how it helps with so many different things,” Pisano said. CBD is a chemical compound that comes from the cannabis or marijuana plant, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Moynihan Urges Visitors to Downtown New Canaan To Wear Masks Outside As Well As Inside Businesses 

As New Canaan prepares to see some businesses start to reopen later this week, and for restaurants to start offering restricted outdoor dining in addition to take-out and pickup, the town’s highest elected official is urging anyone visiting the downtown to wear protective masks at all times. The business district “is a necessarily congested area, so we really have to have the rule,” according to First Selectman Kevin Moynihan. 

“That when you are downtown, on any street downtown—that’s Pine Street, Forest Street—you should be wearing a mask. And I say ‘should’ not because it’s not optional but but because we expect you to. And the respectful thing for your fellow citizens is to protect them as they are protecting you. And unfortunately the expectation is we are going to wear masks through the summer and perhaps into the fall, especially to avoid a recurrence.”

The comments came during the “Annual First Selectman’s Report To The Business Community,” organized and hosted by the New Canaan Chamber of Commerce.

Property Owner: Ice Cream Purveyor Finalizing Lease for Former Baskin Robbins Space

The owner of the Main Street building long occupied by Baskin Robbins said she’s finalizing an agreement that will see a different ice cream purveyor move into the commercial space. Former site of the iconic Gramophone Shop music store, 103 Main St. since 2002 has been occupied by Baskin Robbins, which owner Anna Valente-Krolikowski closed Saturday. Terry Spring of Cody Real Estate LLC said the ownership company is “in the process of finalizing a lease with another ice cream store.”

“We have been working with Anna on this, she has done such a great job and will be a hard act to follow,” Spring told NewCanaanite.com in an email. “We will announce soon.”

Cody Real Estate LLC also owns 97 Main St.

‘Riverside Pediatrics’ Opens on Vitti Street

Daughter of a cardiothoracic surgeon and a nurse, Dr. Karen Beckman thought early on that her career in medicine might lead to a specialty in psychiatry. 

The Guilford native double-majored in Spanish and psychology at Tufts University, and went on to enter Tufts University School of Medicine. In her third year there, Beckman began to try different fields and “loved OBGYN,” she recalled Tuesday. “I loved delivering babies, I loved working with young moms, and with babies, and I just thought the whole thing was fascinating. And then I did my pediatrics rotation and I loved the kids. I just thought they were so fun and with the job, you are working a lot of hours, it can be a grind when you are a resident because you are working 100 hours and getting no sleep—and I found that I didn’t mind it when I was working with kids.