‘Live a Better Life’: New Canaan Man’s Energy Bar Company Marks One Year 

A career entrepreneur, Ryan Lee hit on his latest business idea about two years ago, toward the end of a period of declining health. It had started 10 years before, after Lee and his wife had their fourth child and he started gaining weight. His mother died the following year and then he was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder. While on vacation in 2017, Lee found that none of his clothes fit. HIs joints hurt, he could hardly walk, and his auto-immune flared up.

New Canaan Cleaners Seeks To Add Drive-Thru Pick-Up Service on Elm Street

The owners of New Canaan Cleaners are seeking to open a drive-thru pick-up service at an existing bank building on Elm Street. 

While keeping its main location on East Maple Street, the business would use a single lane closest to what is now a Bank of America drive-thru building at 278 Elm St., according to an application filed with Planning & Zoning. Bank of America would continue to use the far lane for ATM drive-thru purposes, while the middle lane would not be used, according to a site permit application narrative from New Canaan Cleaners co-owner David Mandel. “As a considerably smaller business than Bank of America the traffic driven by the business would be on a significantly smaller scale,” Mandel said in the application. 

“We believe by offering this convenience to our customers it will be a great thing for the community as a whole. This will also not change the intensity of use or parking requirements at the site and in fact will actually be less than that of Bank of America.”

Under the New Canaan Zoning Regulations, any non-office use is permitted in the Retail B zone with site plan approval (see page 78 here). The bank building’s landlord, Acme, operates next door in the former Food Emporium space.

‘New Canaan Acupuncture’ Opens on Grove Street

New Canaan’s Casey Potetz knew she wanted to be an acupuncturist from the time she was 12 years old. Her mother owned a book about eastern philosophy, and Potetz recalled reading it and wondering, “Why aren’t we all doing this? This is amazing.” After studying acupuncture at a postgraduate level for four years in Hawaii, the Hartford County native said she was at a crossroads so her sister, a New Canaan resident, invited Potetz and her boyfriend to come and stay for a month. 

That was 10 months ago. 

“We just kind of fell in love with it here,” Potetz said. 

And she decided to start her own acupuncture business here. 

The result, New Canaan Acupuncture, has been open for one month, during which Potetz has provided 42 treatments, “which is pretty good for a new business,” she said. Potetz studied kinesiology at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, graduating in 2011.

Oenoke Ridge Restaurant Aces Re-Inspection by Health Officials, Representative Says

A representative from a restaurant on Oenoke Ridge said the business last week earned a near-perfect score during a re-inspection by local health officials who had recently flagged an issue with the temperatures of two food items.

During an unannounced Aug. 12 inspection at Roger Sherman Inn, a sanitarian in the New Canaan Health Department found a cheese spread at 69 degrees Fahrenheit, and mozzarella in a salad prep station at 57 degrees, according to the sanitarian’s report. According to a representative from the restaurant, the sanitarian re-inspected the Roger Sherman within two days and the popular eatery earned a score of 98 out of 100. 

Inspectors use a state Department of Public Health standard, citing food service establishments for violations that range in seriousness and carry a corresponding weight from one to four points. A “failed” inspection is triggered either by one or more four-point or “risk factor” violations—as in this case—or a total score of less than 80 points. The Inn scored a total of 85 points on the first inspection.