Letter: Grace Farms Opposes Proposed Cuts to Rail Service on New Canaan Branch

To the Editor, NewCanaanite.com:

Grace Farms Foundation stands together with the town of New Canaan and with several of our community partners—the Glass House, The Chamber of Commerce and the New Canaan Nature Center, among others—in strong opposition to the decrease in rail service to New Canaan. Local commuters and visitors to New Canaan depend upon public transportation during the week as well as on weekends. Whether they come for a specific program, an architecture tour, or just to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, visitors who come to Grace Farms from New York City are also eager to explore the town and contribute significantly to its economic vibrancy. Though our site is a few miles from the center of town, our staff and visitors depend heavily on the Metro North spur line to New Canaan. Furthermore, Grace Farms has a demonstrated commitment to environmental sustainability, and this access to public transportation is vital to keeping traffic to a minimum.