Lucas the Labrador Puppy: First Time in the Vintage Truck

In a first for our feature profiling local dogs, New Canine-ites, we spotlight here a canine that is not a town resident but is certain to become a fixture downtown, his owner tells us. Lucas, age 3.5 months, is a chocolate Labrador retriever from Boothbay, Maine. We spotted the puppy on a recent afternoon at Zumbach’s with owner Matt DeGarmo of Norwalk, who deals in vintage cars. Named for a childhood dog that DeGarmo had in the 1960s (the original Lucas was a German shepherd and golden retriever mix), the puppy was in town for the first time ever and—after a final distemper shot—he’ll be around a lot more to mix with other dogs and people in a busy setting, DeGarmo said. Asked what Lucas is like, he said: “I’ve had several Labradors before and I would say typically as a puppy he’s got lots and lots of energy, and also he’s incredibly brave and he’s not frightened by anything.