Quiet Heroes of New Canaan: Margaux Dalipi

Claudia Weber founded Strays & Others animal rescue nearly 40 years ago, and the all-volunteer nonprofit organization has always relied on the generosity of New Canaanites. Even so, Weber was deeply moved by what Saxe Middle School sixth-grader Margaux Dalipi did last month. After saving her allowance for three years, the 11-year-old donated her entire savings of several hundred dollars to Strays & Others. “She’s inspirational,” Weber said in nominating Margaux for the ‘Quiet Heroes of New Canaan’ series. “I questioned her and I said, ‘I hope you bought something for yourself in those three years.’ And she said, ‘Oh yeah, I did.’ But she said, ‘I’m so happy to do this and now I’m going to save it up again for another three years for someone else.’ ”

In fact, we found out from Margaux’s mom, Jennifer, that the middle-schooler saved 100% of her allowance for those years in order to make the gift.