55-Year-Old Man Charged with Disorderly Conduct and Threatening

Police on Thursday afternoon arrested a 55-year-old New Canaan man on charges of disorderly conduct and second-degree threatening. At about 3:10 p.m. on July 18, police responded to a complaint of a domestic dispute between the man and the other occupant of an Old Stamford Road home, according to a police report. Police determined that the man was in violation of the charges and transported him to headquarters. 

It isn’t clear how the dispute started, or what threats were made or how. The police report withheld all further information, as the matter was domestic in nature. 

Under state law, a person is guilty of second-degree threatening when “by physical threat, such person intentionally places or attempts to place another person in fear of imminent serious physical injury,” or “threatens to commit any crime of violence with the intent to terrorize another person.”

The man was released on bail of $5,000 for the threatening charge and police scheduled him to appear in Superior Court in Norwalk the following day. 

His next appearance in Norwalk is set for Aug. 14, according to Connecticut Judicial Branch records.

‘It’s Not the Nicest Looking Thing’: The Puzzling Concrete Block at 106 and Lapham

It had bothered Tiger Mann pretty much from the time he started working with New Canaan’s Department of Public Works, as a senior engineer in 1999. It came on his radar again years later, as the DPW set about dressing up the “gateways” into town. The town has a conceptual plan to replace it, though funding—as well as state approval—still must be had to see that plan through. “While I won’t call it ‘iconic,’ it’s been here forever and it’s not the nicest looking thing,” Mann, now public works director, said on a recent morning of the painted white concrete block at Old Stamford and Lapham Roads. Listing, immoveable, and shaped as though it had been a mooring, the structure has functioned for decades—and not very well—as a traffic island along a major state road into New Canaan.

New York Man Cited for Pot Possession, Distracted Driving

A police officer on Monday morning cited a 23-year-old Mahopac, N.Y. man for minor drug charges during a traffic stop. At approximately 9:16 a.m. on June 6, the officer pulled over the motorist on Old Stamford Road for holding a cellphone to his ear while driving. Upon approaching the vehicle, officer detected the odor of marijuana, according to a police report. During a search of the vehicle, the officer found two marijuana pipes, both with marijuana residue, and a marijuana grinder, the report said. The first infraction summons was issued for operating a vehicle while using a cell phone.