‘New Canaan Acupuncture’ Opens on Grove Street

New Canaan’s Casey Potetz knew she wanted to be an acupuncturist from the time she was 12 years old. Her mother owned a book about eastern philosophy, and Potetz recalled reading it and wondering, “Why aren’t we all doing this? This is amazing.” After studying acupuncture at a postgraduate level for four years in Hawaii, the Hartford County native said she was at a crossroads so her sister, a New Canaan resident, invited Potetz and her boyfriend to come and stay for a month. 

That was 10 months ago. 

“We just kind of fell in love with it here,” Potetz said. 

And she decided to start her own acupuncture business here. 

The result, New Canaan Acupuncture, has been open for one month, during which Potetz has provided 42 treatments, “which is pretty good for a new business,” she said. Potetz studied kinesiology at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, graduating in 2011.

New Canaan High School Grad Marks 20 Years as Weatherman at NBC Affiliate

Rich Caniglia has always been fascinated by the weather. 

At five or six years old, the 1993 New Canaan High School graduate recalled, he would run from window to window in his family’s home whenever it snowed. Cable television arrived when Caniglia was around seven, and while other children watched cartoons and sports, he remembered watching the weather channel all day. “Well, I’d watch the Yankees games,” he admitted. Caniglia recently celebrated his 20th anniversary as the morning weatherman for the WHEC news network in Rochester, N.Y.

It wasn’t until he went to Cornell University to study atmospheric physics that Caniglia met other people as interested in weather as him. “I don’t know if it’s something people are born with—an infatuation with the weather,” he said.

Selectman Williams: Concerns About Waveny Park Safety Have Been ‘Politicized’

A town official on Tuesday voiced concerns about the characterization of New Canaan’s most heavily used park as unsafe. Saying he believed that some of the talk around town about the safety of Waveny Park was “misguided a bit,” Selectman Nick Williams raised the issue during the Board of Selectmen’s regular meeting, held at Town Hall. While saying that he was “in favor of safety,” Williams asserted that “Waveny is one of the best parks in America and one of the safest parks in America.” Speaking during a section of the Board’s agenda dedicated to general town matters, Williams said that suggestions to the contrary were “perhaps politicized,” but was not specific about how. “I think it’s unfortunate that people are talking about Waveny as if it’s Central Park in the 1970s,” Williams said.