‘We Feel Really Good’: Officials Cut Ribbon on Rebuilt ‘Canaan Parish’ Housing Complex [PHOTOS]

Officials on Tuesday held a ceremony to mark the opening of the rebuilt housing complex at Route 123 and Lakeview Avenue, part of a larger project that also will see a new structure on the site. Residents of the 60 units at the rebuilt complex started moving into the new building Monday, following issuance of a temporary Certificate of Occupancy, according to New Canaan Housing Authority Chair Scott Hobbs. “We feel really good about the outcome,” Hobbs said Tuesday prior to a formal ribbon-cutting at the new building. Despite COVID- and budget-related holdups, “we are relatively on schedule from where we started,” Hobbs said. “We are extremely happy about the finished product and believe that we have created an exceptional structure for our client/tenant occupants,” he said.

Selectmen OK Easement for Pedestrian Path through ‘The Vue’ Condo-and-Apartment Complex

Town officials on Tuesday authorized the first selectman to sign off on an easement through The Vue apartment-and-condo complex on Park Street, formerly known as Merritt Village, that will allow pedestrians to traverse the property between Mead and Maple Streets. Conceived by the creators of The Vue, the pedestrian path through the center of the newly re-developed property is designed to serve train commuters, among others, who’d become accustomed to walking through the former Merritt Apartments buildings by cutting off of South Avenue to Mead and then Maple to Park Street. Creating the easement to formalize the proposed path became one of the Planning & Zoning Commission’s conditions when the appointed body approved the project in November 2016 after months of hearings. 

The Board of Selectmen after 29 minutes of discussion that had little to do with the easement itself voted 3-0 in favor of authorizing First Selectman Kevin Moynihan to approve the easement before it’s recorded in municipal land records. It will be in effect in perpetuity, Town Planner Lynn Brooks Avni said during the selectmen meeting, held via videoconference. P&Z had approved the final wording of the easement at a meeting last October.