3 thoughts on “Town Imposes 90-Day Delay on ‘Red Cross Building’ Demolition

  1. The “Red Cross” building certainly adds to the look of the Historic District in New Canaan and hopefully the building and the area can be conserved for the best interests of all who come to town.

  2. It is not clear to me this is a local vs. state law issue with regards to demolition – looking at the first line under certificate of appropriateness in this link https://www.cga.ct.gov/PS97/rpt/olr/htm/97-R-0076.htm it would appear not much can happen without such certificate being issued. If you do not have any mechanism to protect historic districts from demo and rebuild at the owners discretion frankly what is the point of creating such a district in the first place?

  3. This article reports a 3-0 vote of the Historical Review Committee which appears to be unanimous and rightly so as this is the entrance to the Town’s only Historic District, third in the State to be established, and very important for the architectural features discussed at the meeting as well as its cultural history emphasized by Mimi Findlay – as first Rectory of St. Mark’s Church….Also important is the location and setback of this building. Both provide an appropriate entrance to the Historic District – especially given the new protections afforded God’s Acre as an historic cemetery and ‘landmark’ green’ all New Canaan townspeople and visitors can enjoy while visiting the District itself. A ‘no tear-down’ vote by the Historical Review Committee is a 90 day warning. What the Statutes require is an affirmative decision by the Historic District Commission that this structure is of no historical, cultural or achitectural value to the District of which it is a part.

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