One thought on “Affordable Housing: Court Rules in Town’s Favor on WPCA Decision; Committee To Be Appointed 

  1. With regard to this comment by Steve Karl:

    “I just wanted to mention the fact that the history, our history has been pretty solid in terms of affordable housing and the fact that our town does welcome affordable housing. We’re looking for affordable housing. We’ve always done that.”

    Prior to around a dozen years ago there was very little in the way of affordable housing. The Millport housing development replaced truly dilapidated brick houses on Millport ave. almost entirely with federal funds and there was quite a lot of opposition to this project.

    Back in the early 1990s there were hearings where even accessory housing where homeowners wanted to rent out rooms and apartments and they were strongly opposed by vested interests, saying that if such rentals were permitted it would have a bad consequence to the character of the town. There has been actually a long history of opposition to affordable housing in New Canaan until recently.

    The Canaan Parish redevelopment with over $50 million dollars spent achieved an additional 40 units over the original 60 units. Alternative options such as building elsewhere on town property or the town purchasing acceptable properties and building there was opposed by nimby interests.

    Also Mr. Karp’s property at Elm and Weed St. is disheveled and looks to border on blighted and he should be cited for that. Also the property he bought on 470 Frogtown Rd where the house was torn down has remained desolate for many years. Is there any plan for it?

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