6 thoughts on “Affordable Housing: Developer Seeks To Become Co-Defendant in Town’s Moratorium Lawsuit vs. State

  1. Town to Judge: Your honor please keep your subscription active to the NewCanaanite. You may have read a very popular recent article https://newcanaanite.com/did-you-hear-415-8351845 where the proposed co-defendant was clear in his writing that this is just a rezoning deal and has nothing to do with and never has with genuine affordable housing. Use of the courts will allow well connected and financed developers to make a very good living through spot zoning at their personal discretion (i.e. wherever they own property or chose to purchase property) at the same time actual residents just trying to live their lives need to live within town plans.

    • It’s still unclear how the actual, genuine affordable housing units proposed in three applications (30% of the units that are to be affordable, as defined by the State, are actually identified in those applications in the floor plans) somehow “has nothing to do with and never has with genuine affordable housing”.

    • Giacomo—what part of the 30+ year 830-g state law do you choose not to understand. You seem confused and misguided regarding housing and affordable housing needs in the community. For your clarification the term Affordable Housing is clearly defined by the State of Connecticut. Any unit built that helps the 30% of New Canaan residents that are housing burdened– is a step in the right direction. This “genuine affordable housing” you speak of—please clarify what that made-up term means.

      • Yet again this morning your associate came on our property unannounced, this time with a tree person. Police were called and showed up and your team left. Mr. Stone had the audacity to ask my wife (who was home alone) who she was when she asked him who he was and what he was doing on our property. For some reason you appear to think that you alone decide everything and the only law in America is 8-30g and you alone are the sole interpreter of it.

        • You left out some important details:
          – The easement grants us certain legal rights, walking in it being one of them
          – My tree guy & I were only in the easement
          – We were there minding our own business for 15 – 20 minutes
          – We were about to leave when we were rushed by 3 people yelling at us telling us we had no right to be there.