4 thoughts on “Officials Approve $152,000 for Grass Treatment Products on Town Parks, Athletic Fields

  1. Let us hope that included in this plan is treatment of the Flexi-Pave walkway in Irwin Park to kill the wire and crab grass that has permeated the walkway—not to mention the dangerously slick areas, amounting to hundreds and hundreds of square feet along the walkway — most particularly (but surely not only) on the lower path through the woods on the western side of the park — where for years moss has been allowed to grow so thick you can barely tell there is pavement beneath. This is a danger, not merely an eyesore.
    My family have been regular users of these paths since they were first installed and to my knowledge the Flexi-Pave pathway has never been treated with anything to control this problem. New Canaan has demonstrated a renewed commitment over the past several years to invest in maintaining the infrastructure we have, but this small but prized asset has been overlooked. This is not a matter of esthetics, like peeling paint. The current condition of key sections of the path present a significant “slip and fall” liability to the town. The problem did not crop up overnight — and it surely could not have gone unnoticed all these years by the people who maintain the park — whether as their job or their avocation . But neither has it been appreciated for the serious problem it is. This liability must be remediated and the path returned to first-rate condition. Promptly.
    Any notion of extending the Flexi-Pave walkway without prior demonstration of a commitment to maintain the pathway we already have is a non-starter from my perspective. There are pros and cons to the idea that has been put forward to extend the path in the front of the house and it is a debate worth having. But not until we demonstrate a commitment to restoring and maintaining the wonderful Flexi-Pave pathway we already have. We might disagree about esthetics but the town’s liability should not be take so lightly.

  2. Hi, NewCanaanite,
    I am wondering about the ‘grass treatment chemicals’ which are to be used in New Canaan’s parks as described in your article.

    Is Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’ among them?

    • Lucian, the pesticide was not specifically named. The only product mentioned by name was K-Mag, which appears to be a potassium, magnesium and sulfur supplement. The parks chief said that independent soil testing has shown grass to be lacking in those elements.

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