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Pastor Pushes Attendees to Realize Martin Luther King’s Dream in Powerful Remembrance Service

“What would [Martin Luther King, Jr.] say about what’s going on in the world today?” asked Dr. Lindsay E. Curtis, a pastor at Norwalk’s Grace Baptist Church, as he addressed a crowd gathered in New Canaan on Monday morning to remember the late Reverend and civil rights leader. One of two first-hand witnesses of King’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech at the 1963 March on Washington to speak at the community’s annual service, held at the United Methodist Church, Curtis passionately reminded attendees that King’s presence in history is inherently political, and that, should the divide ever-present in today’s landscape ever be bridged, his legacy must be celebrated and upheld not only on his birthday, but year-round. At the center of Curtis’s speech, delivered during a remembrance service sponsored by the Interfaith Council of New Canaan, was a passage from King’s 1963 open letter, written from Birmingham Jail after his arrest. The quote reads as follows; “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere … He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

Members of the Parking Commission on Thursday night voted to extend to the end of January a deadline for those on waitlists for the three commuter parking lots in New Canaan—Lumberyard, Richmond Hill and Talmadge Hill—to pay a $10 renewal fee. It originally had been due Dec. 29, officials said. The new deadline is absolute, commissioners said, so that those who do not pay the renewal fee will lose their places on the waitlists. ***

In a strange property transaction, the commercial building at 87 Main St. Continue Reading →

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First Selectman on Changing How Town Appointments Are Made: ‘If I Could, I Would Do It Tomorrow’

New Canaan’s highest elected official said Thursday that he favors a system whereby those presented for appointment to town boards and commissions would come through a standing committee, rather than local political parties. As it stands, candidates for those volunteer positions typically come through local party organizations—the Democratic Town Committee or Republican Town Committee—or else directly to the first selectman. The system has worked well insofar as New Canaan has a talented group of committed and experienced volunteers to serve in appointed positions on influential town bodies such as the Board of Finance, Planning & Zoning Commission, Parks & Recreation Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Police Commission and Parking Commission. Yet First Selectman Kevin Moynihan said he “would adopt the Greenwich model” of what that town calls the Selectmen’s Nominations Advisory Committee. Among other responsibilities, that group—see the last page of this document—“identifies residents who have the skill sets requested by [board and commission] chairs and the Selectmen and encourages them to submit their nomination forms to the Board of Selectmen for consideration.” (Greenwich also has a committee of its Representative Town Meeting, the powerful Appointments Committee, which interviews and otherwise vets the appointees.)

“I am very open to that process,” Moynihan said of switching over to the Greenwich model. Continue Reading →

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New Canaan Woman Calls for More Robust, Objective Criteria in Evaluating Appointees for Town Boards, Commissions

Saying New Canaan must apply more rigorous and objective criteria in vetting residents who offer to volunteer on key boards and commissions, a town woman on Tuesday offered to help create more useful standards for evaluation. Andrea Sandor told members of the Board of Selectmen at their regular meeting that decisions made by groups such as the Planning & Zoning Commission “affect millions and millions of dollars of assets.”

“They affect the whole look of the town,” Sandor said at the meeting, held in Town Hall. “P&Z is probably the most important to take a look at in terms of criteria because they have such an impact on neighbors, on residents, on the look and feel of the town. They are one of the key [agencies] but yet the townspeople have little control over P&Z.”

Her comments came as the the board—First Selectman Kevin Moynihan and Selectmen Kit Devereaux and Nick Williams—voted unanimously to reappoint three regular and three alternate members of P&Z to three- and two-year terms, respectively: Jean Grzelecki, Kent Turner and Dick Ward, as well as John Kriz, Krista Neilson and Claire Tiscornia. Sandor criticized the current process as overly lax. Continue Reading →

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Town Pursues Parking Deck at Lumberyard; One-Third of New Spaces To Be Designated for Businesses

Town officials say they’re moving forward with plans to increase commuter parking at both the Talmadge Hill and Lumberyard lots. Members of the Parking Commission at the group’s most recent meeting said that First Selectman Kevin Moynihan is eyeing a private property in the area of the Talmadge station for acquisition by the town, and the first selectman himself has said that municipal officials have walked the Lumberyard property with an architect who is expected to produce a conceptual rendering, hopefully some time in the first quarter. Plans at the Lumberyard call for a single parking deck that will use the grade between Elm Street and the lot itself, Moynihan told members of the press at a Dec. 28 press briefing in his office. The parking deck itself would rise no higher than the street-level of Elm, he said. Continue Reading →

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