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Letter: Selectman-Elect Kit Devereaux Congratulates Kevin Moynihan, Thanks Campaign Workers

The race is over. I would like to congratulate and extend my best wishes to our new first selectman, Kevin Moynihan. I also want to express my sincere thanks to our outgoing First Selectman Rob Mallozzi and Selectman Beth Jones for their dedicated service to our town. I look forward to working hard from my seat on the Board of Selectmen to serve the people of New Canaan. I am looking forward to the next two years. Continue Reading →

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Kevin Moynihan Wins New Canaan First Selectman Race by 33 Votes [UPDATED]

Kevin Moynihan, a longtime resident and community volunteer who has served for four years on the Town Council, won election to New Canaan’s top municipal office on Tuesday by 33 votes. The Republican earned 2,684 votes in a widely anticipated first selectman race against Democrat Kit Devereaux, who received 2,651 votes, according to figures supplied by the New Canaan Registrars of Voters. The .6 percent margin of victory —a math-defying outcome, given the party makeup of New Canaan’s electorate—narrowly beats the state-mandated recount figure of .5 percent. Moynihan said he felt “wonderful” though “we expected to do better, quite honestly.” No Democrat has ever been elected first selectman of the town. Continue Reading →

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Election 2017: New Canaan Hub [UPDATED]

What follows is a digital voter guide for Tuesday’s election. Voter Turnout

As of 6 p.m., 4,986 New Canaan residents had cast their ballots—322 by absentee ballot and 4,664 at the polls. The number of residents casting ballots at Saxe and NCHS represents a 42 percent increase over the last local election through the same hour. If voters turn out this year at the same rate as they did in 2015, New Canaan will see a 39 percent turnout. Here’s a table detailing total voter turnout in recent local elections:


And here’s a table that compares hourly voter turnout two years ago—when there was no truly contested first selectman race—to this year:


Kit Devereaux, Democratic candidate for first selectman, said minutes before she entered Saxe to cast her own ballot that she was “feeling really good” about the campaign and election. “I think I’ve done absolutely everything I can, and so now it’s just a matter of waiting to see what happens,” she told Continue Reading →

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Some voters will head to their towns’ polls on Tuesday to choose from among zero qualified candidates for top elected offices—New Canaan is fortunate in having two. Kit Devereaux, the Democratic candidate, and her opponent, Republican Kevin Moynihan, both bring big brains, useful experience and strong records of community service to their bids for the top job at Town Hall. Three demonstrated skills—ability to say ‘No,’ manage people and work outside of party politics—make Devereaux better equipped. Forthright and assured, Moynihan is a Town Councilman and retired corporate attorney who has the bearing of a first selectman and would also make a good one. His central strength is his creativity. Continue Reading →

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Election 2017: New Canaan Sees Sharp Rise in Absentee Ballots Amid Contested Races

The town since Oct. 6 has received 252 absentee ballots from New Canaan electors, officials said Wednesday—far more than had been executed in any of the last three local elections. In 2011, 2013 and 2015, the town executed 125, 185 and 178 absentee ballots, respectively, according to Town Clerk Claudia Weber. Those seeking absentee ballots must apply for them at the Town Clerk’s office. So far, a total of 340 absentee ballots already have been issued for this election, according to Weber. “We will easily go over 300 [executed absentee ballots],” she told Continue Reading →

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