5 thoughts on “‘There’s Too Many People Making a Political Storm’: Selectmen Unable To Appoint Affordable Housing Committee 

  1. “ I don’t want politics to get in the way of good governance “ Perhaps you should speak to Steve Karl and Penny Young about their false charade and self dealing with my audit committee nomination. Afraid I would do to a good a job and request internal auditing.

    • I’m surprised Gail Lavielle wants to be on the Affordable Housing Committee. Didn’t she just move here last summer?

  2. How about “someone” on the committee who might be an affordable housing advocate? I believe most who have throw their hats in the ring might bring a preconceived bias. Additionally, maybe “someone” who hasn’t already voiced an opinion on the CT 169 strong website or voted against all three applications might be a start.
    The New Canaan political sentiment is widely known and the town has already spent over $500,000+ fighting a 30 year old state law!

  3. An interesting source of data is Data.Ct.gov. It shows affordable housing for all 169 towns and cities in CT. Of the 169, only 30 are at the 10% requirement. Other than Stamford and Norwalk almost all of the others are former manufacturing cities. While the law may have been on the books for 30 years, it hasn’t been effective and won’t be in the current form. It’s not a NC issue, not a Fairfield County issue, and not an affluent community issue. While not doing anything won’t work, having huge complexes in limited space won’t work. Hopefully the AHC will be able to help.

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