4 thoughts on “Board of Selectmen Members Bid Farewell at Final Meeting

  1. I was out of town for the last meeting of the Board of Selectmen, so I would like to add my admiration, appreciation and applause for their devotion to the Town of New Canaan, each in her or his own way.
    I would like to put in a pitch for a charter revision that would provide proper compensation for all three selectpersons. This would ensure that deliberations and decisions have the benefit of all members and diverse perspectives as partners in progress and protection of our remarkable community assets.

  2. Kevin accomplished a lot in his three terms but perhaps his greatest accomplishment was to bring natural gas to New Canaan. It had been talked about for years but nothing got done. I thank Kevin everyday when I have plenty of hot water and every month when I look at my utility bills.
    Thank you Kevin for all you have done for New Canaan.

  3. Thank You Kevin… You should be proud of what you accomplished for this town. It’s unfortunate that people focus on issues that they may have disagreed with you on and not the good you have done for the town. You have steered us through some pretty tough times, including what is hopefully the worst of Covid. Some may have disagreed with your perspective or approach, but never questioned that you were trying to do what you thought was best for New Canaan. Very best of luck and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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