Parking Commission Forgives $25 Ticket Issued to Salon Customer 

The Parking Commission during its most recent meeting voided a $25 ticket that had been issued to a Stamford woman who overstayed a two-hour time limit on Burtis Avenue. Sandra Francese told members of the Commission during their Feb. 1 meeting that the morning of Dec. 9 (a Friday) was only her second visit to The Vault salon on Burtis. “My first time was at night, so part of parking where I did, I either didn’t realize that there were parking restrictions at the time, or maybe when I came at night the restrictions were a little bit different,” Francese said during her appeal hearing, held at Town Hall and via videoconference.

Parking Commission Voids $30 Ticket Issued to Local Commuter

Parking officials last week voted to void a $30 ticket issued in January to a local commuter. Matt Miller had paid for his parking in the Railroad Lot on Monday, Jan. 23 and Tuesday, Jan. 24, officials said at the Parking Commission meeting, held last Wednesday at Town Hall and via videoconference. But he had inadvertently entered wrong space numbers each time, Miller told the commissioners during an appeal at the meeting.

Local Holiday Shopping Boost: Town Designates Free Parking in Municipal Lots Through Dec. 27

The town has designated free parking in all municipal lots through Dec. 27, officials say. Members of New Canaan’s Parking Department are placing signs on meters in town to let shoppers know they don’t need to pay. Carl Franco of Francos Wine Merchants on Elm Street said he was “very happy that the Chamber of Commerce worked out with the town free parking for all municipal lots.”

“I think that will be very inviting for the shoppers to give one last boost to all the merchants in town,” Franco said. The designation, which took effect Monday, follows an unexpected loss of some parking and traffic difficulties late last week due to utilities work on Elm. 

Laura Budd, executive director of the Chamber, said the “last few days before Christmas are very important to our retailers.”

“The Chamber and the municipality wanted to remove all barriers to our residents and visitors who are shopping local for all their last-minute holiday gifts,” Budd said.

Parking Commission Voids $25 Ticket Issued to Elm Street Motorist

Saying it had been a long time since parking enforcement officers issued their last verbal warning to her, town officials last week voided a $25 ticket issued to a woman who overstayed her time on Elm Street. 

Under New Canaan’s parking regulations, motorists approaching what is now a 2-hour time limit for the free spaces downtown cannot simply move their vehicle to a different area of the same street to reset that timer. If someone is not aware of the rule, “we try to educate them, usually the first ticket around, because it is not posted anywhere other than in the town ordinance,” according to Parking Manager Stacy Miltenberg. Yet in the case of Lara Tiramani of Bridgeport, she was made aware of that when she similarly overstayed a space in 2016, Miltenberg said during the Dec. 8 regular meeting of the Parking Commissioner. Tucker Murphy, administrative officer for the town and a guest at the meeting, said the purpose of the rule is to ensure the free spaces serve those who wish to patronize downtown business and restaurants rather than those who work in those places.