Town Council Approves New Canaan High School Track Replacement, Fields Projects

The New Canaan Town Council on Thursday unanimously approved funding for the track replacement project at New Canaan High School, along with the “Water Tower Turf One” and “Water Tower Turf Two” projects and the Mead Park baseball fields project. Each of the projects will require bonding; the actual bonding resolutions will be drafted and voted up or down by the council at a later date. Remarkably, local families and youth sports organizations including the New Canaan Athletic Foundation (NCAF) raised more than $2.3 million in private donations that will be used to off-set the cost of three of the five projects. The high school track replacement project will require an appropriation of $1.75 million which will be fully funded through the issuance of bonds. This involves resurfacing the track and expanding it from six to eight lanes.