VIDEO: New Canaan High School Class of 2015 Graduates

New Canaan High School Class of 2015 Graduation
Uploaded by Michael Dinan on 2015-06-19. After graduating from Princeton with a bachelor’s degree in English, and with honors from NYU School of Law, Stephen Vehslage worked his way toward a successful law practice, working primarily in civil litigation and white-collar criminal defense. All seemed to be going well to those who surrounded him, but inside, Vehslage had serious doubts the path he’d charted for himself was the right one. After some intense soul-searching, Vehslage decided that it was time to change course and go back to school, to become a teacher. Vehslage is now a 15-year veteran of New Canaan High School but his first year was anything but smooth, he told hundreds of Class of 2015 seniors and their families and friends on Thursday, in a keynote address during graduation ceremonies.

New Canaan High School Seniors Veronica Ma, Charles Sosnick Selected for Venerable U.S. Senate Youth Program

Two New Canaan High School seniors have earned a $5,000 college scholarship and weeklong trip to the nation’s capital under a prestigious, competitive program whose alumni include congressmen, governors, judges, ambassadors and presidential advisors. Veronica Ma and Charles Sosnick are Connecticut’s delegates to the 53rd annual United States Senate Youth Program—the first time in memory, officials say, that the two participants selected from each state are also from the same high school. The pair will attend “Washington Week” next month, and the program—sponsored by the U.S. Senate and funded by The Hearst Foundations, is designed “to increase young Americans’ understanding of the interrelationships of the three branches of government, learn the caliber and responsibilities of federally elected and appointed officials, and emphasize the vital importance of democratic decision-making not only for America but for people around the world,” according to a press release. Veronica called it “a once-in-a-life-time kind of thing.”

“It’s crazy that a high schooler like me can experience D.C. from such an incredible, first-hand perspective,” she told in an email. “I’m especially thrilled because I’m looking to concentrate in government next year in college, so Washington Week will be an amazing way for me to explore our nation’s governmental system.