10-Year Reflection: NCHS Class of ’09

My class at New Canaan High School is to have its 10-year reunion in a couple of weeks, a chance to reconnect with friends as well as to remember classmates we lost too soon. A decade ago, when we walked off Dunning Field, it felt like we were on top of the world. Some of us also felt we were on our way to conquering it, when the truth is we hadn’t even conquered how to do a load of laundry. The thought isn’t solely ours—I know, because in addition to attending our own New Canaan High School graduation ceremony, I’ve covered the past four for NewCanaanite.com. And while the day absolutely marks an accomplishment, my own experience has been that the world can knock you down a peg or two in the decade that follows.

3rd Annual Addiction Awareness Vigil Draws Hundreds to Downtown New Canaan

For the third consecutive year hundreds gathered at the corner of South Avenue and Elm Street on Thursday evening to attend New Canaan’s third annual Addiction Awareness Vigil, hosted by the New Canaan Parent Support Group and the New Canaan Community Foundation. Community members of New Canaan and neighboring towns, state and local officials, professionals in recovery treatment, clergy and those in recovery and with loved ones who have encountered the pain, heartache, hardships and struggles addiction brings formed the night’s crowd. Paul Reinhardt, who three years ago founded the New Canaan Parent Support Group, inspired by his son Evan’s passing in July 2015 from a drug overdose, has firsthand seen the significance of what offering one’s help to another can mean.  In the time since the support group’s inception, over 100 parents have attended at least one meeting, with many of those continuing to come back because it was “the only place for them to go,” Reinhardt said. And such support is what lies at the heart of the community pledge that was added to this year’s installment of the vigil’s ceremony. It reads as follows:

“I pledge that I will reach out to someone who is struggling.