Seventh Graders Obsessed with Football’s Giants and Patriots, Basketball’s Knicks and Celtics

Glad I was able to catch up with a group of sports fanatical seventh-graders outside Baskin Robbins and learn all of the latest sports news. Whether the topic ranged from the 2016 NBA Draft picks and Derek Rose signing with the New York Knicks, or their excitement for the upcoming football season, these incoming sevies are always on track with the latest news the ESPN and the NFL Network apps. With that, here’s what these sports-crazed kids had to say in this installment of “5 Things I’m Obsessed With,” where we ask young New Canaanites to give us their lists:

Justin Villeneuve, 12

Listening to music
Having fun
Eating junk food
Being active outside

Matthew Wronski, 12

Boston Celtics
Dallas Cowboys
Dez Bryant
Tony Romo
Kevin Durant

Beau Ahrens, 12

Boston Celtics
New England Patriots
Isiah Thomas
Al Horford
Tom Brady

Matt Kelley, 12

New York Knicks
New York Giants
Boston College Eagles
Kristaps Porzingis
Odell Beckham Jr.

Will Schneider, 12

New England Patriots
Tom Brady
Boston Bruins
Boston Celtics
Boston Red Sox