Town To Purchase 24 New Recycling Bins for Downtown, Public Areas


Town officials on Tuesday morning voted in favor of the $10,000 purchase of 24 new green metal recycling receptacles in New Canaan.

Global Industrial slatted green bins will be purchased for New Canaan and used for recycling, following a selectmen vote.

The town by state mandate must have a recycling receptacle for every garbage bin placed in a public area, according to Don Smith, assistant superintendent of solid waste with the New Canaan Department of Public Works.

Yet as of this week, Smith said he had counted 31 garbage bins around New Canaan and “more than half do not have a recycling bin,” Smith told members of the Board of Selectmen at their regular meeting, held at Town Hall.

The town is purchasing the two dozen “slatted body outdoor metal waste receptacles” from Port Jefferson, N.Y.-based Global Industrial.

“They are gorgeous,” First Selectman Rob Mallozzi said. “They are the kind we have right in front of our Town Hall, as a matter of fact. They really add a lot to our town.”

According to Global Industrial’s website, the receptacles endure “extreme climate conditions” and their “polyester powder coated finish deters graffiti and vandalism.” The bins have a 36-gallon capacity.

Selectman Beth Jones asked how the DPW would ensure that those passing by the paired garbage and recycling bins know which is for what type of waste.

Smith said the DPW would apply decals to the recycling bins, marking them as such.

The selectmen voted 3-0 in favor of the $9,997 purchase—Mallozzi, Jones and Selectman Nick Williams.

3 thoughts on “Town To Purchase 24 New Recycling Bins for Downtown, Public Areas

  1. 48 gal bin for $224 vs 36 gal @ $416
    recycle away web site — holds more less price
    24 X $224= $5,376 not $10,000 took me 15 min
    makes you wonder

  2. I kind of wonder too, Mr. Vachula, about cost of recycling bins. I wonder even more about paying $10,000 for NFL shirts for flag football. Seems to me with all the problems the town faces, that expense is egregious! ME

  3. I completely trust that New Canaan’s DPW team did due diligence and worked from a solid set of specifications in sourcing these bins (Global Outdoor #WB237726GN), some of which the town already uses (so we know, through actual experience, the quality, durability, and look of these bins work and fit our needs). No doubt, the “Recycle Away” model (Recycle Away #EXP-52NPBL-FTRLABEL17) referenced by another reader is bigger and cheaper, but it’s also see-through, with no liner, is less substantial, and looks relatively hard to clean and easy to dent. I’m sure cost was one of the dimensions NC DPW shopped on, as it should be, but I think we all know that cheaper, while enticing, isn’t always better.

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