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Board of Selectmen Re-Elected as Voter Turnout Ticks Up; RTC-Backed Candidates onto Town Council

New Canaan voters on Tuesday re-elected First Selectman Rob Mallozzi by a wide margin, as nearly 30 percent of eligible voters cast ballots—an indicator of strong turnout compared to recent odd-year local elections. Mallozzi garnered 2,841 votes against petitioning candidate challenger Michael Nowacki’s 276, according to Town Clerk Claudia Weber. A total of 3,674 eligible voters cast ballots, according to Weber (herself the highest vote-getter in the election).

Mallozzi, Williams and Jones to Seek Re-Election to Board of Selectmen

The members of the Board of Selectmen—Rob Mallozzi, Nick Williams and Beth Jones—intend to run for their seats again this fall, the elected officials said Monday. The trio—Republicans Mallozzi, the first selectman, and Williams, a selectman, together with Jones, a Democrat—will seek to serve a third consecutive two-year term together. Asked what’s driving him to seek re-election, Mallozzi said, “Because I absolutely love this job.”

“I wake up every day and cannot wait to get to this office.

Selectmen, Finance Board Approve $267,000 for Land Trust To Acquire ‘Fowler’ Property in Silvermine

A local organization dedicated to the preservation of open space took a big step Tuesday toward acquiring a closely watched 6-acre parcel in Silvermine. The Boards of Selectmen and Finance in their regular meetings both voted unanimously in favor of a $267,000 special appropriation for the New Canaan Land Trust—funds that are expected to help the organization complete the $1,070,000 purchase of the “Fowler” property. Owned by award-winning zoologist Jim Fowler, the parcel abuts a 41-acre property already owned by the Land Trust and, together, they will form the “Silvermine Fowler preserve.”

“This is something we need to do as a town,” Selectman Nick Williams said during a meeting held in Town Hall in the morning, moments before the group voted 3-0 in favor of the appropriation.

‘Tread Very, Very Lightly’: Selectmen Critical of Imposing Term Limits on Volunteer Boards and Commissions

It would be a mistake to set term limits for the members of the volunteer boards, commissions and committees that help govern New Canaan or to impose restrictions on how long people can serve as chairmen of those groups, the town’s highest elected official said this week. Citing opinions from some members of New Canaan’s legislative body, the Town Council, as well as a referral back to an appointed group that’s recommending changes to the town’s major governing document, First Selectman Rob Mallozzi said to force rotating chairmanships would be a bad idea. “I would caution the Town Council to tread very, very lightly on imposing limitations—from a body that does not have their own term limits—to talk about there being term limits with other groups,” Mallozzi said Tuesday during a Board of Selectmen meeting, held at Town Hall.

Selectmen Appoint Committee To Study Uses and Capital Needs of New Canaan’s Public Buildings

Town officials on Tuesday dissolved a volunteer committee tasked one year ago with studying New Canaan’s use of Waveny House and appointed what amounts to a successor group that will carry out the same work but more broadly, evaluating and making recommendations on a number of public buildings. The Board of Selectmen during a regular meeting voted 3-0 to form the Town Building Evaluation and Use Committee “to evaluate over a six-month period the uses, physical condition and future capital needs” of structures such as the former Teen Center, Vine Cottage and Irwin Park main house. The newly appointed group will “not have to start from scratch” because enough studies are “in the book to lay the groundwork,” First Selectman Rob Mallozzi said at the meeting, held in Town Hall.