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Board of Selectmen Approves Purchase of Grass Treatment for School Athletic Fields

The town’s Board of Selectmen approved two requests from the Parks Department at its regular meeting last week for the purchase and application of grass treatment products for school athletic fields. According to Parks Superintendent John Howe, the strategy of purchasing and applying products separately has been effective. “This has been successful because we can control how the product is applied and what we’re using,” he said.

Board of Selectmen Approves $94,500 Contract for New Mead Park Playground Equipment

The Board of Selectmen unanimously approved a request from the Recreation Department at its regular meeting Tuesday morning to enter into a contract with outdoor recreation equipment supplier M.E. O’Brien & Sons for the renovation of the toddler playground area at Mead Park. The contract for $94,576 in construction costs includes $41,296 for equipment, $23,280 for site preparation and resurfacing, and $30,000 for installation and labor costs. The playground at Mead Park is a two-part project, according to Recreation Director Steve Benko.

Board of Selectmen Divided on Disbanding ‘Youth Sports Committee’

While New Canaan’s highest elected official has suggested dissolving a committee tasked with overseeing youth sports in town and transferring the responsibility to a standing commission, fellow members of the Board of Selectmen are pushing back on that move. The Youth Sports Committee—widely known among locals for instituting a per-player, per-season fee for fields use 18 months ago, an effort that was itself a few years in the making—was formed in the wake of “some well publicized issues,” Selectman Nick Williams said Tuesday morning. “We had the trophy burning incident that made national headlines, we had some situations in youth sports where we had allegations made against certain coaches in terms of use of language to the kids that coincided with an explosion of youth sports, much of that because of the burgeoning of girls sports—girls lacrosse, girls soccer, et cetera— and then that brings in Title IX issues,” Williams said during the board’s regular meeting, held at Town Hall.

Board of Selectmen Considering Dissolving Utilities Commission

Town officials say they’re considering dissolving the Utilities Commission, which has recently seen three resignations and currently lacks a quorum. During Tuesday’s Board of Selectmen meeting, First Selectman Kevin Moynihan floated the idea of dissolving the commission—which in recent years has worked on initiatives related to cellular coverage, natural gas and solar energy—and replacing it with a Selectmen’s Technology Advisory Committee, which would simply advise the board on technology initiatives. “Because of FOIA I can’t talk that much—outside of this meeting—but we’ve had three resignations on the Utilities Commission—which leaves us with not even a quorum,” Moynihan said during the special meeting, held at Town Hall.

‘An Amazing, Amazing Six Years’: Emotional Farewell for Board of Selectmen at Final Meeting

Wednesday morning’s Board of Selectmen meeting—typically a workmanlike affair, with approvals of tree removal contracts and reviews of how the pavement is faring on local roads—saw multiple department heads offering heartfelt thanks to the three town officials gathered at the dais for the final time. This week’s election signaled the end of the board composed for six years of First Selectman Rob Mallozzi and Selectmen Beth Jones and Nick Williams.

“Yours was my fourth administration and for the past six years, I have found your board to be the most collegial, congenial and decent one yet,” Public Works Director Tiger Mann said after the selectmen approved the purchase of a pickup truck from Karl Chevrolet. “Things won’t be the same.