13 thoughts on “St. A’s Bid for $150,000 in ARPA Funding for Preschool Stalls at Board of Selectmen

  1. Two issues:
    The proposed pre-school didn’t exist during the pandemic, so could not have suffered from the problems caused during that time.

    At issue is the use of public funds for a sectarian school. The principle of separation of church and state. A contentious issue, but one which derives from the Constitution.

  2. 100000%.

    No matter how lovely and wonderful the plans, vision, etc., for this, or any other private/religious preschool are, not a dime of taxpayer money should have anything to do with it. Especially emergency funds meant to help those devastated by the pandemic get much needed relief.

    Seems a bigger donation plate is what’s needed.

    • That is a facility on public land. No money should go to a private/religious preschool, regardless of the need for more preschools. Separation of church and state!

      • Then based on your argument, The YMCA should not have received ARPA funds since they are a private Christian organization. I for one am happy that they did because they are such a wonderful community resource. Since the precedent has been set, I also think that St A’s request should not be dismissed on the basis of religion.

  3. Yes, and the ice rink did not exist pre-pandemic. As stated clearly above, the ARPA funds were meant to help those devastated by the pandemic.

    • Correct, Neele, ARPA was meant to help those devastated by the pandemic. The original ask for the new ice rink was $100,000.

  4. Does an itemized list exist in one place showing how the town and school district spent, or will spend, the various Covid relief funds? If not I would suggest that this is put together as we are coming into budget season and this will be an important reference point.

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