37 thoughts on “Letter: Nick Williams Will Not Seek Re-Election to Board of Selectmen

  1. Thank you Nick for all you have done to help make New Canaan the Wonderful community that it is. You have always been a respected leader in our town.

  2. I’ve been so impressed with your intelligence and thoughtfulness on a range of issues as a Selectmen. Thank you for the time and attention you’ve given to New Canaan Nick. I do hope that the next administration will follow your model of responsible, reasoned and collaborative leadership.

    • Jane I couldn’t have said it better than you did! Thank you so much, Nick, for your thoughtful and proactive leadership. Your ability to see the big picture and collaborate to find solutions is a testament to what we can do as a town when we work together. Enjoy your recharge!

  3. The New Canaan community will lose two of their finest Selectmen: Nick Williams and Kathleen Corbet. Both of you worked respectfully and collaboratively through many divisive issues.
    Thank you for listening to our concerns, for your long hours researching the issues before casting your vote, and for being such dedicated public servants.

  4. Thank you, Mr. Williams, for your exceptional sixteen years of service as Selectman and Board of Education member! Your leadership and unwavering dedication to New Canaan will be admired and felt for generations to come.

    The key initiatives you took as a member of the Board of Education from 2007-2011, while I was a student at Saxe, had a direct and profoundly positive impact on my experience in the New Canaan Public School system — fostering a best-in-class, personalized guidance counselor experience for students at NCHS and promoting world language instruction at the elementary level are just two examples of your wise leadership and commitment to improving the community through education.

    New Canaan is an extraordinary place filled with many exceptional people, and Nick Williams is certainly one of them. The town is forever fortunate to have had you as a Selectman!

  5. I remember you from our very first Family 4th in New Canaan in 2011. You were friendly and welcoming and continue to be so. We are grateful for all the years of service. Embrace this break from public life to be spontaneous! We hope to see you return when you feel it is right for you and your family.

  6. Many thanks to Nick for his years of service to the town. He always approached issues with an open mind and a perspective of how a particular action would best serve New Canaan, and our town is all the better for it.

  7. Thank you for your years of service to New Canaan, Nick. Your many contributions to the town are greatly appreciated.

  8. Thank you Nick for your service and dedication to New Canaan. The first thing that struck me when I met you was how approachable you are. You have a common sense approach in everything you do. And your genuinity stands out. New Canaan is losing a great leader in town government. Thanks Nick.

  9. Thank you Nick for an amazing 16 years. Couldn’t have asked for a better Selectman and family friend!

  10. Thank you Nick for all your dedication you shown for the New Canaan Community and to the towns people. Also, thank you Kathleen for the same. You both will surely be missed!

  11. Thank you Nick and Kathleen for your contributions and your willingness to listen. You’ve been important advocates for residents and the town has been blessed to have your leadership. We will miss you. Best wishes.

  12. Nick, marrying Whitney will always be your greatest accomplishment, but your 16 years of incredible service to New Canaan is pretty awesome too. Thanks for always making me feel like part of the family. Don’t sit out too long, we’ll be waiting.

  13. Nick…thank you for your years of service to New Canaan. Our Town is the beneficiary of your generosity, lending time and dedication. I personally appreciate your support of the Athletic Foundation over the years. You were there at the beginning, and a this successful public-private-partnership with the Town would not have been possible without your support. Enjoy your “free” time, you earned and deserve it!

  14. Thank you Nick for all you have done for this wonderful town to keep it that way…for fighting for what you believe to be the best for all who live here…for being yourself and serving us grateful citizens…you will be missed!

  15. Mr. Williams, as someone who has lived in the great town of New Canaan for my whole life, I felt compelled to express my deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for your remarkable service to our community over the past 16 years.

    Through your tireless efforts, you have ensured that our town remains a bastion of the values we hold dear, embracing the principles of hard work, responsibility, and fiscal prudence. Your open-mindedness and inclusive approach have fostered a strong sense of unity and collaboration within our town.

    Thank you for your outstanding service, dedication, and unwavering commitment to New Canaan. May your future endeavors be filled with joy, fulfillment, and continued success.

  16. “What is a True Leader?
    Simply put, a true leader leads by example, fostering strong relationships with individuals and teams alike and ensuring that all reach their full potential while, importantly, achieving organizational goals.”

    The above sounds like Nick Williams.

    Thank you Nick.

  17. Nick, we have a phenomenal Town and community, thanks to the admirable diligence, creativity, collaboration and integrity of leaders like you. You’ve much to be proud of and your presence will be missed. You can expect us to be on your doorstep the next time we have a major challenge that no one else could be trusted to solve. Thank you.

  18. Nick, Thank you for your many years of devoted service to our beloved town. I personally thank for the advice and counsel you have given over the years and look forward to hearing where you choose to dedicate your gifts next.

  19. Nick – As you know, I have lived in New Canaan for my entire life. This is the first time I have commented on anything political in town. Losing you as Selectman is unfortunate but after 16 years of amazing dedication to the town of New Canaan your deserve to step down. Your shoes are going to be very tough to fill!

  20. Nick for all your 16 years of hard work. I have seen firsthand your dedication to your position as Board Selectman and to the citizens of New Canaan. You tackled every issue with thoughtfulness, devotion and determination to make things better for out town. It’s not easy to try to make everyone happy and knowing this, you still took on the job year after year with a unique optimism and hope that you could help bring a much needed civility to our small town politics. This can be quite challenging especially these days. You deserve a much needed break to spend time with your friends and your family. Cheers to you Nick and I hope to see you back in some role of public service in the very near future.

  21. Nick: Thank you always for your truthfulness. Your word has always been your honor and something we can always depend on. A man’s family says it all about his character. Your family is exceptional.

    All the Best in the future.

    Jan Schaefer and Roy Abramowitz

  22. Nick,
    Thank you and Kathleen for listening to and respecting the many different voices and ideas this great community expresses while defending its core values.

    I believe your work has been one of collaboration in serving the best interests of the residents of New Canaan. Leadership does indeed start at the top and we are losing one of our finest. Our incumbent leadership is the antithesis of what you stand for and your thoughtful service greatly will be missed.

  23. Thank you Nick! For 16 years you have selflessly served your fellow NewCanaanite’s with respect for all. Leadership takes time, talent, and patience; and you have skillfully put all three together over those 16 years. Your ability to interact with and listen to folks on their level is to be admired. You may not have always agreed; but you always have respected the other side and sought ways to find common ground. You have been a fantastic civil servant and our town is so much better off because of your dedication and service. Enjoy some well-deserved time with family and friends! Knowing you, it won’t take long to find your next pursuit.

  24. Wow.

    I am humbled by this thread, and by the numerous best wishes that I’ve received in person as well over the past several days . . . .

    My sincere and eternal thanks for all those who contributed their kind and heartfelt words of support – the entire Williams family deeply appreciates them.

    Regardless of where things turn out in the next few years, I will always be an incredibly proud citizen of this community, and will continue to do my level best to make New Canaan even better than the wonderful town that it already is.

    Thank you for your generosity, and your support!


  25. A perspective of a former resident whose heart never left New Canaan: Nick Williams embodies what makes New Canaan great. His letter above says it all. A strong commitment to public service, to civil discourse, and to make things better as well as a profound respect for the rule of law and process, even in instances when the results were not desirable. It was an honor for me to serve on the Parking Commission and as a CERT while Nick was a selectman along with Rob and Beth. I can attest that the community where I currently live (a ‘nice’ Dallas suburb) is NOT COMPARABLE. Nick’s leadership and smiling face (and great sense of humor!) made a huge positive contribution to our experience in New Canaan.

  26. Nick, a heartfelt thank you for your public service. Those will be some extremely big shoes to fill. I only wish you were running for First Selectman…we could certainly use your fair and measured judgment at the top. Enjoy some well deserved time off and know you will be welcomed back with open arms should you decide to come back!

  27. Nick, you are a true leader and a valuable asset to our small community of New Canaan. I appreciate your bigger perspective to the understanding of polarization at our local level. We do in fact need to keep our community small. I am thankful that I can call you a very close friend. And when needed, it warms my heart knowing when I call you for your thoughts/opinions you always give unbiased opinions and put the New Canaan community first.
    We will mis your leadership- 🙂 Julia

  28. Nick – thank you for your tireless leadership, patience and perseverance taking New Canaan to the next level.

  29. Nick: I have just perused the many wonderful comments in recognition and appreciation of your inestimable contributions to our Community over many years. They are well-deserved. I would add that you have been a great example of a spouse and father as well. We extend our great respect and admiration, Alan and Loni Haas

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