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This is our New Canaan news catch-all category—stories about traffic calming, public parks, local weather, human services efforts and other quality of life matters facing New Canaanites.

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‘She Is Getting Every Ounce of Performance That These Actors Can Give’: Town Resident Ali Tesluk Makes Professional Directorial Debut with Summer Theatre of New Canaan

Though she’d spent many years singing, dancing and acting—and in live theater programs familiar to New Canaanites, including at the Performing Arts Conservatory on Pine Street, St. Luke’s School Theatre and Summer Theatre of New Canaan—town resident Ali Tesluk came to directing unexpectedly, as a sort of fallback. It was 2014, her senior year in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in theater arts at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Penn. Tesluk had a directing class under her belt when went out for the acting part of a gypsy in “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”—a part she didn’t get. “I went to the head of the Theater Department and I asked him for some feedback, and he pretty much said to me, ‘You were so great, you were so great, but the other girl who got the part, it was her turn,’ pretty much,” Tesluk recalled with a smile during an interview in downtown New Canaan on a recent morning, about two miles from the outdoor stage where she soon will make her professional directorial debut. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

Jeff Immelt, chairman of the board at General Electric and the company’s CEO (through next month), sold his New Canaan home for $4 million, according to a property transfer logged Wednesday at the Town Clerk’s office. He had purchased a new 10,000-square-foot Colonial on West Road in 2001. ***

A little dog who resides on Old Stamford Road got off-property when someone left a gate open and he found his way to Waveny Pool on a hot and humid day this week. The Havanese mix called ‘Pepe,’ approximately four years old, turned up at the town facility around 11:08 a.m. on Monday, June 19. The pool supervisor contacted police and an owner was located. Continue Reading →

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Meet Charlie Hobbs, Summer Intern

What follows is a short question-and-answer session with our summer intern, Charlie Hobbs. A fourth-generation New Canaanite, Charlie graduated this year from St. Luke’s School and is headed in the fall to Vassar College. He earned the internship from among a competitive pool of outstanding applicants following an interview and test assignment. Charlie’s articles have already started appearing on the site and he will contribute to the site through the summer. Continue Reading →

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Traffic Officials Weigh New Solution to Awkward Laurel-Canoe Hill Rotary

Town officials say they’re leaning toward one of three redesigns for the awkward rotary at Laurel and Canoe Hill Roads. The signage that’s already in place, instructing motorists to “keep right” throughout the intersection is adequate for what’s there now, according to Tiger Mann, director of the New Canaan Public Works. The three versions of a future traffic solution there are to make the rotary island itself larger, Mann told fellow members of the Traffic Calming Work Group at their most recent meeting, create a “pear shape” out of it or “recess it” toward Laurel Road. That last option—to “leave it as just an island on Laurel”—would mean the rotary no longer serves the Canoe Hill Road traffic traveling past, Mann said at the May 16 meeting, held in the training room at the New Canaan Police Department. “That seems to be preferable out of all of them, because to try and make [the rotary] larger” would not fully address problems that some motorists have now with the rotary, Mann said. Continue Reading →

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‘I Feel Really Special and Loved’: East School Brownies Put On Father’s Day Breakfast at Merri Bee Cabin

Allison Yin, a rising East School third-grader, finished tying the bracelet she’d made onto her dad’s wrist as he sat at a long table outside the Merri Bee Cabin in Kiwanis Park on Sunday morning. A spread of coffee, donuts, fruit kebabs, juice, croissants and jam materialized in front of Duncan Yin and a dozen other dads, and Allison soon instructed her own father to select from a muffin tray full of eggs freshly baked in flour tortillas the “smashed egg” whose yolk she’d broken apart in the kitchenette inside during prep, specifically so that he would get the one she made. “Loving this explosion of Father’s Day gifts,” Yin said as he and fellow dads of Brownies Troop 50562 reunited with their daughters after a sleepover in the cabin and were treated to a full service breakfast on their special day. “I have a little bracelet-keychain and then, in case I wasn’t sure, I have a little piece of paper that certifies me in all the excellent ways that I am a father, which is very reassuring to hear,” Duncan Yin said with a smile. He referred to a “Best Dad” form that each girl filled out with her dad’s info and colored with crayons. Continue Reading →

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