Op-Ed: Understanding the Coming Property Revaluation

How will New Canaan property taxes be affected by the Oct. 1, 2018 real estate revaluation that’s currently in process? The answer to this question will vary by homeowner, but it’s worth thinking about its effect on taxpayers in general. For simplicity, let’s set aside the budget’s other moving parts and examine the impact of the revaluation alone. After every real estate revaluation, the Board of Finance determines whether the tax rate (the “mill rate”) needs to be adjusted to keep tax revenues constant.

Letter: New Canaan Parents Voice Support for a Later School Start Time

The New Canaan Board of Education is evaluating a change to school start times to allow our older, sleep-deprived students more time for sleep. A group of New Canaan parents created the Healthy School Start Times website to inform parents about this important health concern and to collect signatures on a petition asking the BoE to prioritize changing start times. Over 700 New Canaan families have signed the petition and commented on why they consider the issue to be a priority. Some of the comments are included here and the rest can be found on the website. We hope New Canaanites will read what their neighbors are saying and add their own voice to the petition:

“I have two boys who are currently in elementary school and will go through the entire NCPS system.