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Letter: Waveny Park Conservancy Thanks Community for Supporting Tailgate Party

To the Editor:

The Waveny Park Conservancy would like to express our appreciation to all the individuals who helped make our 2nd Annual Tailgate Party a huge success. We would like to thank the following members of the community, without whom the event would not have happened:

Louise Havens, BJ Flagg and Nurenu Brand Marketing, Elm Street Books, School of Rock, New Canaan Police Department, Becky Walsh, Diane Hannauer, Tangled Vine Band, New Canaan Wine Merchants, The New Canaan Library, The Chamber of Commerce, New Canaan Advertiser, The Rotary Club of New Canaan, Elm Street Books, New Canaanite, The Town of New Canaan and Mose Saccary and the Town’s Highway Department. Special thanks are extended to Steve Benko, who of course invests countless hours to ensure that every event that happens at Waveny goes off without a hitch. We are especially appreciative to everyone in the community that purchased a ticket and turned up for the Tailgate as the proceeds raised will assist the Conservancy’s efforts to restore and enhance the 130 acres of open space surrounding Waveny. Lastly, we encourage those that still want to show their support to go to our website to donate. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Supporting Penny Young for Town Council

To the editor:

There’s a reason why the voters have, and should continue to, cast their votes for Penny Young. They have recognized her incredible understanding of our town’s operations, and her ability to identify what’s working, question what’s not, and carry out the Town Council’s responsibilities with a fresh perspective and a close eye on the budget. This extensive knowledge, combined with her willingness to work hard and face the tough issues head on, make her the ideal member of Town Council. Penny is fiscally responsible and well understands the impact of the town’s financial decisions on all of New Canaan’s citizens, from its young families to its senior citizens. She is committed to convening the approving bodies for timely serious discussions about what and how to provide the services expected by our citizens. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Rob Fryer for Treasurer

Editor, New Canaanite:

New Canaan voters have the opportunity to put an accomplished CPA in office as town treasurer this November. Rob Fryer spent 34 years in the financial world as a partner at Deloitte. Numbers are not partisan, and Rob knows numbers. He knows how to follow the money coming in and going out and he knows the proper processes for how transactions should happen. With Rob Fryer as treasurer, material weaknesses would not have continued for years. Continue Reading →

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Letter: First Selectman’s Son Endorses Kit Devereaux for the Job

It might seem unusual for the son of an outgoing Republican politician to sit down with the Democrat running to be his father’s successor, but on this recent rainy Columbus Day afternoon that’s exactly what happened. As we sat inside her sunroom, shielded from the weather, I was privy to the story of a remarkable woman, the person I believe most suited for the office of first selectman, Kit Devereaux. Her story was much more than a list of resume bullets and qualifications. Rather, it was the story about a courageous person who took chances when it counted, forged bonds that have stood the test of time, and daringly explored uncharted paths in life before finding the ones that led her here. So who is Kit Devereaux exactly? Continue Reading →

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Letter: Kevin Moynihan Has ‘Real Political Experience’ New Canaan Needs

Kevin Moynihan presents an outstanding choice for First Selectman. Kevin has provided leadership in a variety of roles in town, including membership on his party’s town committee and as a member of the Town Council. But these times require more. Our state is beyond broke and any local aid is in jeopardy. We need a leader who has real political experience in the major leagues. Continue Reading →

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