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Letter: With Continued Support, No Meals on Wheels of New Canaan Clients Will Go without Food

To the Editor,

With Meals on Wheels programs nationwide the subject of intense media coverage over the past week, the Board of Directors of Meals on Wheels of New Canaan (MOWNC) would like to address some of the issues that have been raised and how this will affect our local program. Meals on Wheels of New Canaan has been delivering nutritious meals to those in need in our community since 1972. The service we provide makes a real difference in peoples’ lives and allows them to remain in their homes. Meals on Wheels of New Canaan devotes over 90 percent of funds raised to client services. The volunteer Board of Directors administers the program and our 125 dedicated volunteer drivers deliver the meals to our clients each weekday throughout the year. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Making ‘Portrait of New Canaan’ a Town-Wide Reading Project

Bravo, and our thanks, to Jim Bach for once again giving us a most interesting talk at the Historical Society on another chapter in New Canaan’s history. His recent talk gave me the idea that perhaps someday, with appropriate lead time, the New Canaan Historical Society’s book “Portrait of New Canaan” by Mary Louise King, might become one of the chosen volumes for the library’s One Book New Canaan program. Used on Amazon, the King book sells for around $48 a copy so it might need re-publishing, which could help the Historical Society. It could also generate further knowledge and interest in the town’s history generally which is really much more fascinating than another novel about a small town. After all who would have guessed that the town did not even start recording its births, marriages, deaths and land transactions until over 50 years after its 1801 incorporation, or that it was, at one time, famous for its wild horses which were rounded up and driven overland to ports as far away as Rhode Island to be shipped to the West Indies, or that striking, protesting New Canaan workers of the Cordwainers’ Protective Union once noisily marched down Church Hill onto Main Street, holding the leather hides and the tools of their trade on-high demanding higher wages, or that the town’s first selectman was once a very left-wing Locofoco Democrat, and because the town could not give a majority to any one candidate for the state legislature, it went unrepresented at all in Hartford for four years, or that, way back in history, people started printing currency for themselves in their own homes until they were reported and then … Continue Reading →

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Roger Sherman Developer Proposes Four-Unit Project

I first looked at purchasing the Roger Sherman property over 5 years ago while I was building the Maples project next door. Like the Maple Inn the Roger Sherman, though more active in use, was struggling to maintain a business and a physical plant that needed renovation badly in order to keep up with the change in dining habits that have taken place in New Canaan over the last few years. The current owners did not nor do they now have the resources to do what we are doing over at the Silvermine Tavern property which is completely renovate and bring up to the standards that Inn users want and will pay for today. Over these past four years five different deals came and went from some who wanted to either run the restaurant/Inn or develop the property as a multi family project. The Inn buyers turned out to be either complete frauds or tire kickers and the developers wanted to put in anywhere from 14 to 24 units. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Proposed Re-Development of Roger Sherman Property Fails To Meet a Need in New Canaan

The 1-acre zoning law was broken in 2011 for The Maples complex on Oenoke Ridge because of a need for senior housing. That need no longer exists. Empty nesters now have an abundant variety of choices. Andrew Glazer’s application for a planned urban subdivision on the Roger Sherman property should be denied. Planning & Zoning revised the Plan of Conservation & Development in 2014 to drive density downtown. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Neighbor at ‘The Maples’ Supports Plan for Six Dwellings at Roger Sherman Inn Site


I’m writing in response to the article which appeared in the NewCanaanite authored by Michael Dinan and appearing online March 6th. Planning & Zoning Commission Chairman John Goodwin seems to suggest that seniors seeking “in-town” quarters will have their needs satisfied by the mixed-use Merritt Village apartment/condo complex. I would argue that the two developments have nothing in common. People who are looking for high quality design, extensive millwork, quality finishes, beautiful landscaping and a prestigious neighborhood will not be interested in the density of the Merritt Apartments. It is appealing to a different demographic. Continue Reading →

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