New Canaan residents share their thoughts and raise issues of importance to our community, on matters touching local residents—property and business owners, taxpayers, students, nonprofit leaders and caregivers. This is a space for New Canaanites to recognize good works that may otherwise go unnoticed or to raise questions and concerns for public vetting. To submit a letter to the editor, email editor@newcanaanite.com.

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Letter: Urging Town To See Benefits of Kids’ Event Planned for Pop Up Park

Dear Editor,

After having read your article [Wednesday] on the use of the Pop Up Park, there is now uncertainty cast over the future of The Young Entrepreneur Fair. Last year, I organized four days of Family fun at the Pop Up Park. There were dance, talent and our international diversity showcased and the first Young Entrepreneur Fair. Based on the feedback from the community and the excitement witnessed, the latter proved to be the event most valued by our kids so I’ve been working on bringing this back to the Pop Up Park this year. The parents of kids with ideas will most likely relate to not being able to find many real life opportunities to make their kids proud of their thinking at an early age. Continue Reading →

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Letter: An Invitation To Battle Substance Abuse as a Community

Dear Editor,

I am writing with an open invitation asking our New Canaan community to come together for a common cause. This cause may not be the topic of conversation at the club this weekend and it won’t spark the next trendy fashions on Elm Street. But it affects each and every one of us. As a local resident, business owner and volunteer, I have personally read too many stories of young people leaving us way too soon. I have seen too many adults not be able to function to their fullest potential. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: Moynihan Says ‘Thank You’ To Caucus Voters

I was thrilled and humbled to win the endorsement of New Canaan Republicans for the office of first selectman at the caucus last Tuesday evening. I would like to thank all Republicans who came out to vote at the caucus—1,277 strong. Such a large turnout on a summer night in July showed how engaged and concerned our fellow Republicans are about important issues facing New Canaan. I felt that my message about the lack of sufficient commuter parking, poor to non-existent cell phone service in large parts of town, and problems with financial integrity and transparency in government resonated among voters, especially among commuters who I met on the train platforms at the New Canaan and Talmadge Hill stations. I look forward to carrying this message to all New Canaan voters in the Fall as the Republican Party’s standard bearer, along with the entire Republican endorsed slate including Nick Williams, Tom Butterworth, John Engel, Rich Townsend, Penny Young, Claudia Weber and Andrew Brooks. Continue Reading →

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Letter: In Support of Grace Farms, from Voices of September 11th Founders

Dear Editor,

This letter is to offer our support of Grace Farms, both in our role at Voices of September 11th as well as longtime residents of New Canaan. Our family has lived in New Canaan for 30 years, and during that time we raised our three boys and have been involved in a number of local organizations that have supported the community. Following the loss of our 24-year-old son Brad on 9/11 we founded a nonprofit organization, Voices of September 11th which is headquartered in New Canaan. Like so many communities in the tri-state area, New Canaan was impacted by the terrorist attacks—families lost loved ones while others lost colleagues and friends. Many who survived the attacks may have narrowly escaped or witnessed it firsthand, while others bravely responded or worked in the recovery effort. Continue Reading →

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