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To the Editor, 

As concerned and longtime residents of New Canaan, we are compelled to voice our collective opposition to the proposed construction of an above-ground, 200-car parking garage by St. Luke’s School, which is to be topped with a synthetic turf field. This development, planned within the heart of our residential community, starkly contrasts with the values, heritage, and environmental stewardship we hold dear in New Canaan. 

Our neighborhood is renowned for its serene ambiance and significant architectural heritage, including several modernist houses recognized on the National Register of Historic Places. These homes, celebrated for their integration with the natural landscape, symbolize our community’s commitment to preserving its unique character. The proposed parking structure threatens to disrupt this harmony, introducing a visually intrusive element that could permanently mar the landscape we strive to protect. 

Moreover, this development directly challenges the New Canaan Zoning Regulations, specifically Section 6.2.F.6, which prohibits commercial parking facilities within residential zones. These regulations were thoughtfully crafted to safeguard our community’s character and quality of life, principles that should not be set aside lightly. 

The environmental and health implications of this proposal are deeply concerning. Increased traffic, noise, and light pollution pose risks not only to human residents but also to local wildlife, potentially disrupting the ecological balance. The risk to our wetlands and well water is particularly alarming, as any contamination or alteration could have far-reaching effects on our community’s health and natural resources. 

Additionally, the choice of a synthetic turf field raises questions about environmental sustainability and health impacts, further compounding the proposal’s disregard for our community’s values. 

Perhaps one of the most immediate concerns for many residents is the potential impact on property values. The introduction of a large-scale parking facility and synthetic turf field could deter prospective buyers, devaluing the significant investments homeowners have made in their properties. 

As we stand at a crossroads, we must ask ourselves what kind of community we wish to be. Do we sacrifice our character, heritage, and environmental integrity for the sake of development, or do we stand firm in our commitment to preserving the qualities that make New Canaan unique? We urge the Planning and Zoning Commission, and indeed all stakeholders in our community, to consider the long-term impacts of St. Luke’s School’s proposed development. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that New Canaan remains a vibrant, harmonious, and sustainable place to live, both now and for future generations. 

Let us not be the generation that allowed the erosion of our community’s character. Instead, let us be remembered for our steadfast commitment to preserving the essence of New Canaan. 


Craig D. A. Bowling and Theresa E. Bowling, MD

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor

  1. Although, I don’t reside near St Luke’s, I’ve attended 3 meetings through my friend Haik Kavooghian listening learning that this impact will have on all the surrounding residents. Abit aghast of what is being proposed. Especially artificial turf water run off into Grupes Reservoir & private wells. The aspect of already massive increase in traffic is quite out of control. I’ve witnessed with “The Stonewall Gang” group reckless speeding on North Wilton Road. I laud the residents who are justified in fighting this proposal.

  2. Only 21.8 % of the ST Luke’s student body are New Canaan tax paying residents and 78.2% of the student body are non New Canaan residents who pay no tax to our municipality, just use our resources. St Luke’s is also tax exempt. We need to protect our town residents not a tax exempt organization abusing their special permit and poisoning our wells and watercourses. Especially my well and wetlands.

    Town Hall and its Committees and appointed officials need to protect residents not special “non resident “ interest! TY

    Roy A Abramowitz
    Jan E. Schaefer Abramowitz
    Alena D Abramowitz

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