Police Investigate Vandalism at Bristow Park


Police are investigating vandalism in a public park on the edge of downtown New Canaan.

Bristow Park on March 26, 2024. Credit: Kirsten Slusar Bossin

Several surfaces inside Bristow Park—a bird sanctuary that this year marks its centennial—were sprayed with paint, according to Lt. Marc DeFelice, public information officer at the New Canaan Police Department.

The vandalism is located in two separate areas of Bristow, he said. Police had no suspects as of Tuesday evening. Officer Nicole Vartuli is investigating the matter, DeFelice said.

According to town officials and photos of the vandalism, the two spray-painted areas include a bench and stone patio near the Metro-North Railroad tracks as well as a wooden walkway over wetlands.

Bristow Park on March 26, 2024. Credit: Kirsten Slusar Bossin

The town and volunteer Friends of Bristow Park and Bird Sanctuary in recent years have invested time, funds and energy into restoring and improving the 17-acre park, which adjoins Mead Park. 

It had already been hit once by vandals, about one year ago.

Asked for his thoughts on the most recent vandalism, Chris Schipper—former chair of the New Canaan Conservation Commission and the driving force behind the restoration plan—said in an email, “Of course it is a shame that a couple of truants find a need to express themselves at the expense of all of us who enjoy the natural beauty of Bristow Park. I have faith that those who defaced the walkway and lookout will be found and made to make amends.”

3 thoughts on “Police Investigate Vandalism at Bristow Park

  1. Tragic that there are possibly some very unhappy people to not respect the beauty of the quiet natural aspects of Bristow.

  2. Can it be that we actually need cameras in this haven? How sad. But
    let’s do what is needed to keep it as pristine as it has become. I have visited the Sanctuary since I was a young child and I am now 78 and so thrilled to witness it’s revival. My grandfather, Stephen B. Hoyt was instrumental in it’s founding
    and would be so pleased to see it prized by the community once again. Except of course for a few lost souls who don’t relate to nature as the rest of us do.

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