7 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Bristow Park Hit By Vandals

  1. Thank you for the tip information contact, Chris Schipper. Most importantly, thank you for being such a wonderful steward of a park enjoyed by so many.

  2. How about we get cameras at every park entrance and exit? The tech has made these too simple and easy-to-use not to get them. And before the couple of people who always seem to complain about the “cost” of cameras at Waveny pipe in, yes it may not be free, but then neither is cleaning up the mess these vandals caused.

  3. I walked the trails on March 10th & took lots of photos. Which of one shows the bird blind with no damage. Also saw a young boy entering the park were the tire tracks were made. I informed him bikes were not allowed in the park. I said there are signs letting folks know of this. He left not happy, turned around and left the park…. Didn’t see him again.
    Norm Jensen

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