Meet Catherine Gorey, Summer Intern

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I’m very excited today to introduce our summer intern, Catherine Gorey. 

Catherine Gorey. Credit: Michael Dinan

This is the fifth year of our Summer Internship Program, and you’ll see Catherine out and about at public meetings, community events, local businesses and accident scenes (involving others).

Catherine is a 2017 Darien High School graduate who just finished her freshman year at Cornell University. 

Here’s a brief question-and-answer session with her by way of introduction. Please join me in welcoming Catherine for the next two months.

New Canaanite: Tell our readers how you ended up here as our summer intern.

Catherine Gorey: Well I applied to the internship last summer but since I was away during the local town elections, I couldn’t do the full-time internship, so I did freelance articles. Maybe three or four. And this summer when I was looking for an internship, I liked doing this and I am really interested in going into communications and advocacy and that route, so I thought it would be a good local way to do that.

So you are a Darien High School graduate? 


Where are you at school?

You just finished your freshman year?


So what is it like? What are you studying up there? How’s it going?

Right now, I am majoring in human development. And I’m kind of playing with a bunch of different minors at the moment. I have the introductory classes for education, [communications] and law and society. So I am feeling out which route I want to go to with that.

What is your relationship with New Canaan, as a Darienite? 

I live pretty much right on the New Canaan border, so I straddle between the two towns. I grew up swimming at the New Canaan Y. I was there for, I think, 15 years, on the Caimans swim team. And my mom worked for the Community Foundation and now she works for Waveny. I have a lot of friends in town. I always shop here. So I’m very connected to the town.

What are your thoughts on the town?

I really like it. It’s obviously it was very conveniently located for me. I think the New Canaan Y was a great place to spend the majority of my childhood. It was a very supportive environment. People are very friendly here. It’s great.

What are you hoping to get out of this summer. It’s eight weeks. I’m thrilled to have you here. What are you hoping to get out of it?

I’m very interested in advocacy and I think journalism and communications is an interesting way to get into that field. So going forward, if I have a big communications-type internship, I think this is a very good way to learn the ropes and have a good, broad portfolio for any field within that area I go into.

What should people know about you? You’ll be out on the street, going to public meetings, you’ll be at our coffee. What should people know about you as they see you as a New Canaanite reporter this summer?

I’m very excited to be here. And they can ask me any questions, or hopefully they’ll answer all of mine.

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  1. Congratulations Catherine! Hope to see you around town. Congrats on completing your first year at Cornell.

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