Police Chief: Would-Be Burglars Posing as ‘Workmen’ Target New Canaan Home

[Note: Police in a subsequent bulletin to local media said the workman in question contacted the department and explained that he had serviced this New Canaan home in the past and didn’t realize it had been sold to new owners.]

Following an incident reported at a Bittersweet Lane residence on Tuesday afternoon, police are urging residents to beware of fraudsters posing as workmen.

At about 10 a.m., white men approximately 20 to 30 years old and driving a white pick-up truck rang the doorbell on a Bittersweet Lane home claiming they were to perform “basement maintenance work,” according to Police Chief Leon Krolikowski.

A cleaning person at the residents didn’t let them in, he said, though the report of what likely was a burglary attempt means residents should be careful.

“Several weeks ago, a jurisdiction that borders New Canaan warned residents to be wary of workmen posing as water company employees,” Krolikowski said in a news bulletin. “These fake workers are looking to burglarize homes while distracting residents.”

The scam typically involves a knock on the door to get into a house for what’s described by the perpetrators as a “water test” or something similar, the chief said.

“While the resident is distracted, someone else will enter the home and take valuables,” Krolikowski said.

“New Canaan residents should not allow these fake ‘workers’ into their homes,” he said in the bulletin. “Residents should confirm the identity of all workmen before allowing anyone into their home or business for maintenance, especially when no appointment has been scheduled.”

For time sensitive incidents such as this, New Canaan residents should immediately contact our Department at 203-594-3500 or call 911 if it is an emergency. To report non-time sensitive matter and non-urgent matters, be better informed, connected, and send anonymous tips to our Department by downloading the “MYPD” application in the iPhone or Android marketplace. After downloading the application search for “New Canaan” and get connected.

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