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‘I Frankly Have Had It’: Commissioner Pushes for Police Access to Video Cameras at New Canaan Schools

A member of the volunteer body that oversees the Police Department said Tuesday that he wanted to reinvigorate a push for access to video cameras that monitor inside New Canaan schools. Police Commissioner Paul Foley asked for an update on “monitoring inside the schools” during the group’s regular meeting. Told by Police Chief Leon Krolikowski that “We don’t have access yet,” Foley asked, “Are we anywhere advancing that progress?”

According to Krolikowski, the superintendent of schools had promised a memo in response to one from NCPD but hadn’t produced it yet. “Could we ask him again to have a memo?” Foley said at the meeting, held in the New Canaan Police Department. “The Police Commission would like to see his memo at our next meeting. Continue Reading →

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VIDEOS: Unlocked Car with Keys Inside Is Stolen from Driveway in New Canaan

New Canaan Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said Tuesday that another motor vehicle had been stolen in the morning from a New Canaan driveway. The 2017 Audi A7 Premium was stolen from a Turtleback Road residence—it was unlocked with the keys inside according to Krolikowski. (See videos above and below.)

Another vehicle in the same driveway, also unlocked though its keys were not inside, was entered, though nothing was taken from it, the chief said in a press release. News of the theft comes one day after Krolikowski issued the prevention tips below because a pair of unlocked Range Rovers with keys inside had been stolen from a Valley Road driveway. Krolikowski in the past has said the thefts appear to be committed by gangs in the New Haven area. Continue Reading →

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Two More Vehicles—Unlocked, Keys Inside—Stolen from New Canaan Driveways

Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said Monday that the department last week received two reports of vehicles stolen from driveways on Valley Road. The vehicles—both 2016 Range Rovers—were reported stolen on Friday, and both were unlocked with the keys inside, the chief said in a press release. “These vehicle thefts occurred during the early morning hours,” Krolikowski said. “One stolen vehicle was recovered in Newark, New Jersey, and the other stolen vehicle was recovered in Irvington, New Jersey.”

The thefts follow similar overnight crimes in New Canaan last month, when unlocked cars with their keys inside were stolen from Nubel and Horton Lane homes. The chief reissued the following prevention tips:

Keys: When unattended NEVER leave the keys to your home or car inside a vehicle or in a place where a thief can find them. Continue Reading →

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Police Chief: New Canaan Is Seeing Rise in Thefts, Forgeries of Checks

New Canaan’s police chief said the department is getting reports about checks being stolen in New Canaan, altered and then cashed out-of-state. The area has seen a rise in crimes where thieves target both residential and postal drop mailboxes, according to Chief Leon Krolikowski. “Whenever possible, residents should bring mail that contains checks or sensitive financial documents directly to our local Post Office,” he said. New Canaan Police last year made multiple arrests following a 15-month investigation that led to thieves who had stolen checks from mailboxes here over a long period of time. In those cases, checks that had been placed in mailboxes to be mailed were stolen and the payee information was altered. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

First Selectman Kevin Moynihan said Tuesday that the newly formed ‘Dog Litter Committee’ has raised a red flag for Town Attorney Ira Bloom. The town attorney has said it is “not well advised” to “allocate enforcement responsibilities to a committee,” Moynihan said during a Board of Selectmen meeting. The question “raises the issue of the Spencer’s Run Committee for volunteers and also we have to address the Youth Sports Committee,” Moynihan said. Selectman Kit Devereaux, chairperson of the Spencer’s Run Committee, noted that its members are “ambassadors.” “They are not enforcers,” she said. The board will examine those committees, as well as the Deer Committee, at its next meeting, Moynihan said. Continue Reading →

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