Police: Four Vehicles Illegally Entered Sunday

New Canaan Police on Sunday morning received four complaints of vehicles illegally entered while parked in residential driveways, including three located near each other in the northeastern part of town. At about 4:37 a.m., officers investigated a complaint of a locked car forcibly entered on Ramhorne Road, according to a press release issued by Police Chief Leon Krolikowski. A rock was used to break a window and $25 cash was stolen from the vehicle’s center console, he said. About five hours later, at 9:42 a.m., and then at 11:34 a.m., residents of nearby West Hills Road reported to police that unlocked vehicles parked in their driveways had been entered, though nothing was stolen, Krolikowski said. Finally, at about 9:54 a.m., officers investigated report that an unlocked car parked in a driveway on West Cross Road, just below the Merritt Parkway in southwestern New Canaan, had been illegally entered, the chief said.

New Canaan Police Chief on Fraud Prevention for Seniors

According to the “2018 DOJ Report on Senior Abuse and Financial Exploitation,” each year, an estimated three billion dollars is stolen from America’s seniors through various scams. Seniors often fall prey to imposters who claim to represent the IRS, Medicare or Medicaid, Social Security, or other legitimate businesses. Unfortunately, New Canaan is not immune to these scams. Over the years, some New Canaan seniors have suffered substantial financial losses. 

Thus far in 2021, our Department investigated 27 fraud complaints, and some of these scams targeted seniors. This month, a resident contacted our Department to report being the victim of a Grandparent Scam. Sadly, this victim was defrauded out of thousands of dollars. What is Senior Fraud? 

Senior fraud, also known as senior financial exploitation, is the misappropriation or theft of financial resources.

Police: Butler Lane Home Burglarized

Police are investigating the burglary of an unoccupied home on Butler Lane, officials say. Burglars broke a rear glass door to gain entry into the home, according to Police Chief Leon Krolikowski. 

Police are working on a list of all items stolen during the burglary, Krolikowski said in a press release. It isn’t clear which Butler Lane house was broken into. Police shared no further details about the active investigation, and the street address and other details in a New Canaan Police Department call log that refers to the burglary have been redacted. New Canaan had just one burglary through the first eight months of 2021, compared to 12 in the same period in 2020, according to data shared at last month’s meeting of the Police Commission.

Police Chief: ‘Domestic Violence is New Canaan’s Violent Crime’

Although our Town has little crime, crimes such as domestic violence have remained constant over many years. Domestic violence is New Canaan’s violent crime. If you live in New Canaan, and you are the victim of violence, it is highly probable that the perpetrator is someone that you love. 

Domestic violence is both a national and an intimately local problem that knows no boundaries. Most cases of domestic violence are never reported to the police. According to former Attorney General Janet Reno: “Too many American women live in fear of the very people upon whom they depend for love and affection. Instead of providing refuge, the walls of many homes serve as prison bars.” 

Thus far in 2021, our Department investigated 47 family disputes, and many of these investigations resulted in arrests.