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Officials: District, Police Reach ‘Conceptual Agreement’ on Access To School Security Video

The superintendent of schools and chief of the New Canaan Police Department said Friday that they’ve reached “a conceptual agreement” that will give authorities access to school security video. That agreement will be put into a formal document for review by the district and NCPD, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bryan Luizzi and Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said in an email to the press. “The conceptual agreement ensures that police department officials will have immediate access to school security cameras in the event of an emergency,” they said. It isn’t clear whether police will have continuous access to interior cameras at the schools, rather than access through some type of login—a process that Krolikowski has described as problematic in the event of an emergency. Luizzi has cited the need to honor student privacy rights under the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act, a law

that gives parents certain protections with regard to their children’s education records, including school security videos. Continue Reading →

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Two New Canaan Policemen Save Fellow Officer’s Life

For New Canaan’s first responders, every life saved is a proud testament to expert training, courage and calm actions in the the most difficult circumstances. In recent years, members of the New Canaan Police Department have been honored for saving the life of a local man who had gone into cardiac arrest, administering Narcan to an individual who had overdosed and assisting a choking woman. On Saturday, two officers—Rex Sprosta and Tom Callinan—saved one of their own. According to Police Chief Leon Krolikowski, at about 7 a.m. on May 17, Officer Jeffrey Pollock “suffered a medical emergency” while taking the department’s physical fitness test. “Officer Rex Sprosta who was administering our Department’s physical fitness test and Officer Tom Callinan who was working the patrol shift, rendered life-saving care to Officer Pollock,” Krolikowski said in a press release. Continue Reading →

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Silver Hill Hospital’s Dr. John Santopietro Appointed as New Canaan’s First Director of Behavioral Health

Officials on Tuesday voted unanimously to appoint the health director of a prominent psychiatric hospital in New Canaan to a new role serving the town. The Board of Selectmen voted 3-0 to appoint Dr. John Santopietro, president of Silver Hill Hospital, as New Canaan’s first-ever director of behavioral health. Though Santopietro will report directly to the first selectman in the role, “he is definitely going to help a lot of departments, especially the Police Department,” Police Chief Leon Krolikowski told the selectmen at their regular meeting, by way of introducing Santopietro. “We need a lot, especially with all the behavioral health issues in the community and we often have folks where we go to their house multiple times and there is not a whole lot we can do sometimes. So this is going to be another resources we can go to. Continue Reading →

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Police Chief: Authentic Military Collection Planned for Memorial Day Weekend; Beware of Scammers

On May 28, Memorial Day, we honor those veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for our great county. Memorial Day honors their service and sacrifice. Nearly 850 Veterans are buried in Lakeview Cemetery. As Memorial Day approaches, it’s a good time to remind the patriotic citizens of New Canaan to be aware of phony organizations who “solicit” on behalf of Veterans. Recently, Peter Langenus, the Commander of New Canaan’s Veterans of Foreign War Post 653 received a telephone call from a shopper who had been approached for a monetary donation in front of a store in New Canaan. Continue Reading →

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Police, District Work on Specifics of Access to Interior Cameras at Schools

Police and district officials said Wednesday that they’re planning to meet and hammer out the details of the New Canaan Police Department’s would-be access to interior cameras at public schools. Despite making formal and public requests of the district to bounce back a proposed Memorandum of Understanding or ‘MOU’ regarding that access, police officials said that they only received an email from the superintendent of schools that same day to meet with the Board of Education’s attorney on the matter. “Apparently the Board of Education met this past Monday and discussed it and he [Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bryan Luizzi] is wanting me and him and the Board of Education attorney to sit down and discuss the MOU again,” Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said during a regular meeting of the Police Commission, held at NCPD headquarters. “I don’t know when that is going to happen but so far we do not have access to interior video cameras which we desperately want especially in the case of an emergency or in the case of a big event that we need access in order to have our officers dispatched there as quickly as possible to help people. So I’m hopeful that this is going to happen but it has been a long process. Continue Reading →

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