‘We Were Able To Sleep a Lot Better’: Letters of Appreciation for NCPD


Police Chief Leon Krolikowski submitted the following letters of appreciation for New Canaan Police at the Dec. 19 Police Commission meeting.


Officer Jeff Deak

“Hey Jeff, Just wanted to formally thank you for your support this season at the NCHS Football games. We are fortunate to have a great deal of community interest in our football team and with that interest comes a thousand fans and 400-500 students for each game. Your leadership of the officers covering our games helped create a much safer and more orderly environment than we have had in past years. Additionally, you were very helpful in dealing with a unique security concern we experienced late in the season. Finally, you were dedicated enough to come to the state championship game at Central Connecticut State university this past Saturday and help create a positive environment during an emotional and exciting football game. I want to say that watching you interact with our students has been very interesting. You exercise just the right combination of compassion and authority. The students know you mean what you say but they also know you are in their corner. Thanks again for all your support this season.”

—NCHS Athletic Director Jay Egan, Dec. 13


Sgt. Rex Sprosta and Officer Roberto Lopez

“Dear Chief Krolikowski, I am writing to express our gratitude to the two officers who responded to a call at our home at approximately 2 a.m. last Sunday morning. It turned out to be a false alarm but thanks to their inspection we were able to sleep a lot better for the rest of the night. We also are grateful to you and all the members of the New Canaan Police Department for your excellent, kind and thoughtful service to our community.”

Paul and Marjorie Stein


Officer Nicholas Falbo

“Dear NCPD—Hope you enjoy these holiday treats. Just wanted to say thanks for your help last week with my broken down vehicle (Rt 106/Officer Nick and dispatch, sorry didn’t get her name). Happy/healthy to all. Thanks for all you do. Stay safe and God bless.”

Dave Torromeo

One thought on “‘We Were Able To Sleep a Lot Better’: Letters of Appreciation for NCPD

  1. Reading these letters of appreciation for New Canaan police officers reminds me that I have wanted to publicly thank Nicole Vartuli, New Canaan’s Community Impact Officer (about to relinquish that 1-year appointment to Annamaria Ceci). I met Nicole through Conversations with a Cop at Waveny, and found her to be kind, smart, courageous (YOU allow yourself to be Taser-ed!), knowledgeable and thoroughly professional. Thank you, Nicole!

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