‘They Handled the Whole Thing So Effortlessly’: Letters of Appreciation for NCPD

Police Chief John DiFederico shared the following letters of appreciation for New Canaan Police Department officers at the March 13 Police Commission meeting. ***

Officers Owen Ochs and Nick Agoglia

“Last Wednesday, Feb. 8, I was walking my dog down Stoneleigh Road, and a young, exuberant Rhodesian Ridgeback came bounding at me. He had a collar with a phone number, but it was obscured by a kerchief. He obviously wanted to play with my leashed dog, who was half his size, but I couldn’t trust that he was friendly and did not feel it was safe to reach for him.

‘We Were Able To Sleep a Lot Better’: Letters of Appreciation for NCPD

Police Chief Leon Krolikowski submitted the following letters of appreciation for New Canaan Police at the Dec. 19 Police Commission meeting. ***

Officer Jeff Deak

“Hey Jeff, Just wanted to formally thank you for your support this season at the NCHS Football games. We are fortunate to have a great deal of community interest in our football team and with that interest comes a thousand fans and 400-500 students for each game. Your leadership of the officers covering our games helped create a much safer and more orderly environment than we have had in past years.

NCPD Honors Policemen, EMS Personnel Who Saved Officer’s Life; Four Clergy Members Made Police Chaplains

Since losing consciousness after going into cardiac arrest while on a treadmill at New Canaan Police Department headquarters in May, Officer Jeff Pollock said he’s had many months to reflect on how different life would have been for others close to him, had two fellow officers and four members of New Canaan Emergency Medical Services members not jumped into action. He’s thought about his parents, sisters, wife and—perhaps, most of all—young son and daughter. “What would they do without their daddy?” Pollock told more than 100 people, including his family, gathered in the Wagner Room at New Canaan High School for a special NCPD ceremony. “They have such a long way to go, so much to learn, so many things to experience, so many milestones to achieve? Would they be able to do it without me?”

Thanks to six people that Pollock called “the heroes that saved my life”—Officers Rex Sprosta and Tom Callinan, and EMS volunteers Russ Kimes, Liam Bowers, Zach Harbage and Wes Yilanes—no one will have to know. 

Police Chief Leon Krolikowski presented the officers with the department’s Medical/Lifesaving Award for their swift action and presented special plaques also to the four medical services personnel in recognition of their actions.